DIGG "Fast Follow" Sett Improvements

Use this space to discuss which Setts we should look to add after launching DIGG as well as any changes to the initial Setts. We can then pick the most popular to put up to a vote.

In general all new changes and Setts should:

  1. Support the growth and stability of DIGG (relative to BTC price)
  2. Be able to be built largely with existing components of current DIGG setts or from forking other live code
  3. Bring value (enhanced yield, reduced IL) to depositors


Peg-Based Rewards
Adjust rewards based on proximity to peg.

Rebalancer Sett
Hold DIGG + WBTC, sell DIGG as supply expand, buy as it contracts


Unsure its a either or type of situation but if I had to choose (without understand the technical challenges/costs for implementation and upkeep) I would prioritize the rebalancer sett.