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General Discussion

Talk everything Badger and the ecosystem.

Badger Updates

Updates, milestones, and generally awesome things coming out of the Badger DAO. We bring 'em to you here.

BIP | Badger Improvement Proposals

A BIP is a proposal to signal or effect change to BadgerDAO’s governance or products. The objective for a BIP is to engage the community so that we can come together on a decision regarding a specific topic and put it into action. It must be a complete proposal that is clear, concise, and unambiguous.

Wanted | Badgers for Hire

Do you want to work with the Badgers? Good, because chances are there is something that needs to get done and you can be the one with the resources and initiative to do it.

Developer Corner

Here developers can work together, form teams, pair up with a liquidity strategy provider, and potentially get started working on a new Badger product.


Badgers gotta look out for each other.