BIP 30: #WenDIGG meme Competition Proposal+Content Idea

Category: Other
Scope: #WenDIGG Meme Contest
Objective: Community should decide for candidate list to Top 10 from #WenDIGG competition. Another Content Idea based on #WenDIGG and really important words for future content competitions.
Status: Rejected for overly complex implementation. Incorporated feedback into BIP 34

There are 287 content entries! Yes, 287!

Everyone who voted “For” or is willing to in BIP 29: Meme Competition for #WenDIGG, have you seen at least 50 content entries?

I am aware that there is the committee for this competition and BIP 29: Meme Competition for #WenDIGG is the ratification by the community. And in my opinion it should be changed.

Why should it be changed?
The current top 10 is selected by Team and it is not fair because the community may love some amazing piece of content which has no even chance to be in the list.

How should it be changed?
Do 3 categories ranking:

  1. Image
  2. Video
  3. Gif

In every category there will be all entries of current category format and community will rank all of them.

  • Top 3 most voted content entries will be selected from each category [ 3 images, 3 videos, 3 gifs]
  • 1 entry will be selected by Team [current committee].

Motivation for community to spent their time browsing and selecting+Another Content;
[As not everyone knows how to create content, he may know how to appreciate it]

For each category ranking:
e.g. 3 people who participate in voting and justify their vote in comments will be rewarded with 1 $Badger[each person 1 $Badger]. Those people will be selected by Team.

That is 9 $Badger for 9 people.
3*3=9 [3 categories * 3 people]
[the number of people can be increased, for example 5 people per category]

Example of justifying the vote: “ I love content number 25 because it is really unique, I appreciate the combination of A+B+Z and it is mind blowing”.

Example 2 of justifying the vote: “ I voted for content number 31 - Make an emoji from this - I wanna use it at discord!”

Voting will be done on;

That will require 3 threads;

  • 1 thread for “top 3 videos”
  • 1 thread for “top 3 images”
  • 1 thread for “top 3 videos”

In every thread there will be pool like this

and in every thread there will be a link to excel sheet like this:

a number is assigned to each content in excel sheet:
it is faster, it is not required to upload every entry to forum
[ -it will only require to copy+paste links to correct excel sheets]


You may ask yourself why am I even writing this proposal. First of all, it will be chosen by the community and therefore it will be more “fair-play”. I have seen amazing pieces created by people for this Contest. And it may literally demotivate a lot of them to the future, if there will be another content contest! Because the top 10 list was chosen by a Team. There is no way to compare image vs video vs gif. Because some images were literally copy+paste and created in a few seconds meanwhile videos and gifs take a lot of time and are more unique.

When people take this seriously, there will be high quality content production in the future and very important → a lot of interaction with the community.

What it will cost?

  • 9 $Badgers
  • A little bit of a work [It would be my pleasure to help with it].

What it will bring?

    • A lot of interaction with the community.
    • Another content for twitter and discord.
    • Real feeling of “fair-play” for everyone who has attended.
    • More Content.

Please, share your ideas and feedback.


You support the proposal above.


You don’t support the proposal above.

  • For
  • Against

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I think this is overly complicating the contest by breaking it into three categories - there are 10 times as many images as there are videos (there may only be 5 videos total). my thought would be to instead go with a top 20 to let the community decide. There are not many community members that will take the time to go through 50 entries. I feel like 20 is a good number and gives the community ample leeway to decide. If you have gone through all the entries (like the 5 team members who selected the top 10) you may see what i mean.
So my thought would be to amend the current BIP to allow for a top 20. thoughts ?


The contest rules on the original proposal stated:

“The following week we will post the team’s selections here in the forum for ratification by the community after which we will post the top 10 to Snapshot.”

We should follow consensus and the contest as it was detailed out. While it’s nice to consider community, changing the parameters after the competition would go against the original rules. We should consider a community vote as input for future contests. Voted No.

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yep ! let’s do that !!!

these are good points. i cannot argue with this. I guess we need to see the outcome of BIP 29 first

By quick browsing on twitter I have found around 30videos so far.

Yeah, you are right. There are a way more images than videos, but you do not realise that
a lot of images are literally done in few seconds-> copy+paste+little change and their are low quality.

Therefore videos are mostly unique and that is the thing.
Also I have seen a lot of amazing gifs and I aint even see simple gif in the top list.

It is proposal to choose 3 videos, 3 gifs, 3 images and one entry choosen by team.
if community decide they want e.g. 7 images, 2 videos, 1 gif then alright.

I am just trying to give some ideas.

There is that another idea to allow increase from top 10 to top 20-50.

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I have already mentioned this

but then why there is the ratification? bip 29? They literally asks a community if we like their choose. At the moment there is 55% of votes in “against”.

And people just blindly vote on it. But I made this thread so maybe some of members realize what they are even missing out! → A lot of high quality content.

what is also really important is this quote

all of this would be fine to suggest for future contests, but changing the rules of the current contest to fit this scheme would not be fair to people that have already submitted a certain type of entry. so just to be clear - i am against changing the rules mid contest. I would however be open to allowing a top 20 if bip 29 does not pass.

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I suspect BIP 29 will pass regardless. @ThreesSo put in a lot of thought and effort into this BIP, and perhaps, instead of going with this overly-complex model, we can meet in the middle and bring in 3 videos and 3 GIFs, essentially creating a top 16.

I think @ThreesSo makes a good point that videos/GIFs take more effort and should be recognized accordingly. Adding 6 new items to the current top 10 shouldn’t disrupt the process, and we can just make an amendment to BIP 29. Creating additional options for people to vote on does not exclude them from voting on the original 10 anyway.

How does this sound to you guys?

If you think this is fair, please work together to pull together a top 3 GIF and top 3 video and amend BIP 29. @poopster you can also just make a comment at the bottom of BIP 29 linking this discussion as feedback for improving BIP 29.


i think this is a good compromise, appreciate everyone’s input as well


Rules are the same.

the only change that I suggested is to let community to decide the top 10 list.

Because as far as I can see the current votes - BIP29 wont be accepted. And then what? there will be another top 10 list and again it wont be accepted?

to solve the “question: is it fair to have 3videos, 3 gifs, 4 images?”

There is also a possibility to let community vote from all of the entries.
You know, pool with 287 options for vote :smiley:

I do a lot of content for contests. In other projects, all work is impersonal. That is, the work itself + the number. The community then votes for each job. Top 50 or top 20 works are rewarded. For example, the Freeton project. They run a lot of contests and they have their own voting system. This gives them the opportunity to attract very high-level specialists. Also, their system does not require you to post work on Twitter or other places. Everything is uploaded to the forum, and then in the form of applications in a special voting system. Very convenient and fair.

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how many community members are actually going to go through 280+ memes ? this is the reason we had a committee in the first place. As far as the rules, the whole document is the rules of the contest. i am definitely against having the community pick a top 10 - participation would be minimal. Just look how many people are even participating in the conversation here - 4 ?

Also I would split into GIF, video, image. And division for ratings. For example, originality (Many already use very old templates for memes. Very boring and simple), the quality of implementation or the complexity of implementation (after all, making a meme using a template from the Internet is 20 minutes, and making a gif, video, stickers is several days of hard work). Therefore, it is unfair to evaluate works of different complexity and type in the same way.

To get more people to vote, you can give them a small airdrop or some other bonuses.

  • First, a shoutout to @ThreesSo for putting time/thought into this BIP and getting the conversation started about how contests for the DAO should work
  • I think @DeFiFrog options to amend and meet in the middle for the current #WenDIGG contest is best for this moment in time
  • Looking to the future, I’m a believer that any contests are really a part of marketing for the DAO and that a Marketing/Contest committee should be put together. A committee that is made up of:
  1. Operation Team Members (if interested)
  2. Regular Community members that are active participants on discord and on these forums that push for the betterment of the DAO
  3. Former Contest Winners
  4. Members with Creative/Marketing backgrounds

The reason for the above is that these members are likely all working for the long term betterment of the DAO, and not here to turn or make a quick buck. I also believe it should be a open door committee and not limited to only a number of seats. The more the merrier as long as they meet one of the above qualifications. Marketing/Contest guidelines can be proposed, discussed, and vetted by said committee and all the work and criticism doesn’t have to put on the backs of a few individuals and/or operations team members that likely are doing more important things for the DAO

Like @poopster , I’m not a fan of contests that allows voting to determine the contest winners. Voting contests can be gamed. I’ve been involved in plenty of contests with voting - were good quality submissions fell to less quality submissions by influencers that had a following and pushed people to vote for them.

It can lead to poor outcomes, discourage future participation, and reflect poorly on the DAO in some cases.

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I am an active member of the Freeton project community. See what activity they have on the forum. They run a lot of contests with big prizes. The level of work is very high.

It is also possible to appoint for example 10-20 jury members. They will be able to vote anonymously for anonymous work. They receive remuneration for their work. Thus, the team itself will not need to waste their time choosing a winner. I think this is also a good approach. And I will say it again, a large number of competitions bring in many professionals. (programmers, designers and just creative people). The team will be able to develop their brand and involve these people in their further tasks.

Yes, there is a committee for it.

So I suppose they also had to choose current winners,
That means already define who is 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 10th.
->So good quality entries doesnt fell to less quality.

I would check it and vote “For”.

In this situation team only made top 10 list and literally asked us if we like it.
That means everyone has chance to check all the other entries and make his vote.

Well, I dont like it therefore I voted “Against” that means if a lot of people does not like it then there
will not be snapshot and there is my question:

56% against - 35 people voted for "against"

What will you do next? Will you choose another top 10 list and ask community if we like?
Another BIP which will end probadly the same?

I am trying to help, I have said why I voted “against” and tried to also offer a solution<- I am not saying it is best solution but definitely better than another BIP with same system.

It is like half-half now, we can literally choose the winner[because there will be ranking] but actually we cant therefore we have only limited options to choose from.

Yes, that can also happen in the current situation. For example if one of the guys in the current top 10 list has enough audience he can influence them and boom. So yes, it would be better that the winners are already picked by the team.

→ Yes, that was my idea aswell, it is already included in the proposal.

i absolutely agree with you. That is the reason why I have started the discussion. I am looking into it as long-term. I am sure 50% of people who created amazing content will not even think about joining another Contest in the future. Because it is not worth their time, spending few hours to be beaten up by image made in few seconds. That means less participation → less reach to other people.[That is the marketing part]

With my hand on my heart, I can say that few current top10 entries can be easily replaced, no matter what. I am judging it as someone who is working and has experiences in marketing communication, marketing campaigns, online marketing, digital marketing, etc.

To summary it, this are the suggested solutions;

  1. community decide the top 10 list
  2. increase it to top 16
  3. the team determines the winners
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@poopster I hope you’ve included my work on the list?

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