Announcing the Badger #WenDIGG meme contest

hello everyone, as I am sure you have seen by now we are holding a new meme contest to get the community involved and also to get some organic marketing going. As many of you know, several projects have been built around memes alone, and while we are not trying to do that here, we do want to provide as many opportunities as possible for community participation. With that said, I give you the Badger #WenDIGG meme contest.

Prize pool :

1st Place: 75 BADGER

2nd Place: 50 BADGER

3rd Place: 25 BADGER

4th and 5th Place: 15 BADGER

6–10th Place: 5 BADGER

The Contest Rules are as follows :

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in the fun! To participate, simply tweet your submission using the hashtags #WenDIGG and tag @BadgerDAO, we’ll take it from there.

Your Twitter account must have been created more than 10 days ago. You will also need to have at least 10 followers and 10 tweets in the past year to qualify.

Any media format is acceptable - image, video, GIF, etc

Multiple submissions are allowed but only one prize will be awarded per contestant.

The competition will run for ten (10) days, starting on Friday, January 15th, and ending on Sunday, January 24th at 6 PM CST. At that point, all memes will be collected by the BADGER team so we can select the top 10.

The following week we will post the team’s selections here in the forum for ratification by the community after which we will post the top 10 to Snapshot.

Really looking forward to seeing what the community comes up with and if this goes well perhaps we can do more of these types of contests going forward.

Edit : here are some images for contestants to use

Badger_1 badger_head 1*WNvmpvTqINtCChnYDA7hBg


Oh boy, cant wait to see the fruits of this.
Very nice response, so simple, so effective!
Best of luck to everyone!

Does this mean DIGG won’t be coming out until after 24th? I hope not. :rofl:


i would not infer that ser…

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I am hired :wink:

Awesome #WENDIGG contest guys !
The new V2 is great but I sure miss the V1 super sexy cycles .

giphy (13)


a very nice idea, indeed!

Badger is going to need a space suit, Badger is going to digg on the moon.

My stickers for telegram:

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When and where will the snapshots be? Are there any details of the competition?