BIP 34: Meme Competition for #WenDIGG

Category: Digg

Scope: #WenDIGG Meme Contest

• The Operations Team narrowed down the candidate list to a Top 16; this proposal aims to ratify these Top 16 entries to be placed into Snapshot.
• If this BIP received majority support > 40 votes “For”, we will place the ballot into Snapshot, and the Community will decide the ranking of the Top 16 entries.
• Most voted entry will be declared the winner and remaining 2nd-10th will garner the consolation prices.

Status: Accepted


This BIP is an amendment of BIP 29. We have made the list longer which now includes Top 16.

As many of you know, several projects have been built around memes alone, and while we are not trying to do that here, we do want to provide as many opportunities as possible for community participation. We can also leverage this to get some organic marketing for BadgerDAO.

The competition commenced last Jan. 15, 2021 and all entries must be submitted before 6pm CST, Jan. 24, 2021.

Prize structure:
:1st_place_medal: 1st Price: 75 $BADGER token
:2nd_place_medal: 2nd Price: 50 $BADGER token
:3rd_place_medal: 3rd Price: 25 $BADGER token
:medal_sports: 4th-5th Price: 15 $BADGER token
:medal_military: 6th-10th Price: 5 $BADGER token


Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in the fun! To participate, simply tweet your submission using the hashtags #WenDIGG and tag @BadgerDAO . To qualify for this competition, a memer must have a Twitter account created more than 10 days prior to the competition announcement. He/she must also have at least 10 followers and 10 tweets in the past year to be eligible. Any media format is acceptable; could be an image, video, GIF, etc. Multiple submissions are allowed but only one prize will be awarded per contestant.

There were 287 meme images, videos, GIFs, etc. entries when the submission was officially closed. The committee for this competition narrowed down the candidate list to Top 16 in no particular order:

  1. 1

  2. 5

  3. 8


  1. 1.mp4 - Google Drive

  2. 3.mp4 - Google Drive

  3. 4.mp4 - Google Drive

  4. 13.mp4 - Google Drive

  5. 14.mp4 - Google Drive

Deadline for this BIP’s voting will be at 6pm CST, Feb. 4, 2021.

Great job, Badger Memers!

If you agree with the committee’s Top 16, vote “For” to continue this into Snapshot.
  • For
  • Against

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Voting against. The list wasn’t just made longer, but was changed from the original. What happened to the original finalists entries?


I honestly think the list got worse lol. Shouldn’t this be all about free marketing and getting the public and casual crypto buyer to hear about badger?

I do not understand why this isn’t all being done via twitter to build more hype and bring in new community members. Really feel like its a big missed opportunity tbh.


Voted Against
The BIP 34 is nothing greater than BIP 29. You just added 6 new videos. It should’ve been added more like at least 30 for fairer competition. Because we have 287 participants out there or you should’ve categorised like BIP 32 idea.

if the community is not happy with this BIP i am going to go with what was suggested in BIP 30 and just list all 287


lol - this proposal might fail too! This is what happen when u get promised nice things. Stop acting like team owes u anything and just accept their picks already :smiley:

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If you went through watching the videos, you will see that it is still the same original Top 10. We just added the next 6 rankings to complete Top 16 for this BIP. Converted submissions as GIFs on forum are now being uploaded to their original files attached as links. Please refer to this thread:

i voted against because mine isn’t there :laughing:

We could host the memes on Twitter and hype it up and let all the public vote on Twitter even. We can give all 287 memes unique names and have official community vote here. Vote here can be done on names only to avoid the forums format limitations.

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Now we are seeing people cheerleading their own memes for a prize. Twitter contests can be manipulated, as well as voting procedures (even in this forum). I don’t think that’s the best way forward.

I propose we take the original list (10 entires, 10 prizes, etc), RNG it, declare winners per the original contest intent, and move on to better things. Otherwise those that are incented to win will not stop until they “win”.

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I think the decision of the judges is quite reasonable. They gave a chance to six more participants.

Why should someone who spent 5 minutes on work and 3 days receive the same prize? I think the team made the right decision.

I think the decision of the judges is quite reasonable. They gave a chance to six more participants.

I’d like to clarify. My work includes a series of GIFs

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Hey, @Shon1256. See quoted message. Thanks. :grinning:

I know. I just told the community that my work is not 1 GIF, but 10 pieces

The forum governance for this BIP is now officially closed. As for the tally of votes for BIP 34, it received 43 “For” votes. This means this BIP did pass and will leeway its way to Snapshot off-chain governance. See quoted message below:

Snapshot: Snapshot

Hi im trying to vote but there seems to be an error when i try to cast my vote

I voted against from BIP 29 and again here. But let me tell why. There are some great memes and videos here, but others that are against what Badger should stand for (and my own values).

For example, a meme showing a person threatening someone with a gun should NOT represent Badger in any form (even for a contest) so I wonder why this got considered for the top 10. Or the meme with other coin logos showing high % gains and the Badger just looking at them.

But whatever, the rules were the rules, this was moved to snapshot and I voted there for one that I actually think was good.