#WenDIGG Meme Contest Proposal+Content Idea

Hello, I already tried to create thread in BIP category; it is pending because it has to be approved. And I would like to start a discussion with my proposal before BIP 29 is over.

Category: Other
Scope: #WenDIGG Meme Contest

Community should decide for candidate list to Top 10 from #WenDIGG competition. Another Content Idea based on #WenDIGG and really important words for future content competitions.

There are 287 content entries! Yes, 287!

Everyone who voted “For” or is willing to in BIP 29: Meme Competition for #WenDIGG, have you seen at least 50 content entries?

I am aware that there is the committee for this competition and BIP 29: Meme Competition for #WenDIGG is the ratification by the community. And in my opinion it should be changed.

Why should it be changed?
The current top 10 is selected by Team and it is not fair because the community may love some amazing piece of content which has no even chance to be in the list.

How should it be changed?
Do 3 categories ranking:

  1. Image
  2. Video
  3. Gif

In every category there will be all entries of current category format and community will rank all of them.

  • Top 3 most voted content entries will be selected from each category [ 3 images, 3 videos, 3 gifs]
  • 1 entry will be selected by Team [current committee].

Motivation for community to spent their time browsing and selecting+Another Content;
[As not everyone knows how to create content, he may know how to appreciate it]

For each category ranking:
e.g. 3 people who participate in voting and justify their vote in comments will be rewarded with 1 $Badger[each person 1 $Badger]. Those people will be selected by Team.

That is 9 $Badger for 9 people.
3*3=9 [3 categories * 3 people]
[the number of people can be increased, for example 5 people per category]

Example of justifying the vote: “ I love content number 25 because it is really unique, I appreciate the combination of A+B+Z and it is mind blowing”.

Example 2 of justifying the vote: “ I voted for content number 31 - Make an emoji from this - I wanna use it at discord!”

Voting will be done on forum.badger.finance;

That will require 3 threads;

  • 1 thread for “top 3 videos”
  • 1 thread for “top 3 images”
  • 1 thread for “top 3 videos”

In every thread there will be pool like this

and in every thread there will be a link to excel sheet like this:

a number is assigned to each content in excel sheet:
it is faster, it is not required to upload every entry to forum
[ -it will only require to copy+paste links to correct excel sheets]


You may ask yourself why am I even writing this proposal. First of all, it will be chosen by the community and therefore it will be more “fair-play”. I have seen amazing pieces created by people for this Contest. And it may literally demotivate a lot of them to the future, if there will be another content contest! Because the top 10 list was chosen by a Team. There is no way to compare image vs video vs gif. Because some images were literally copy+paste and created in a few seconds meanwhile videos and gifs take a lot of time and are more unique.

When people take this seriously, there will be high quality content production in the future and very important → a lot of interaction with the community.

What it will cost?

  • 9 $Badgers
  • A little bit of a work [It would be my pleasure to help with it].

What it will bring?

    • A lot of interaction with the community.
    • Another content for twitter and discord.
    • Real feeling of “fair-play” for everyone who has attended.
    • More Content.

Please, share your ideas and feedback.


You support the proposal above.


You don’t support the proposal above.

  • For
  • Against

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