The Real Diamond Hands - over negative rebase, rewards for DIGG holders

Is it good to reward DIGG holders who held diamond hands on a DIGG negative rebase over a long period?

Maybe share a Badgers Fidelity NFT symbol with them or boost their investments (olds and news) for X months with a 3x higher badger ratio.

I open the discussion about it


I 2nd this - I have gotten ‘rekt’ but staying in the pool long term is the plan for now… unless I offset my losses and reach a decision to pull out down the road.

if there was some incentive for long term hodling in this pool it would keep me in it for years


haha yes, would be good to do something like ampleforth.

We can imagine this when Digg reaches his peg !

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Maybe the 5% of the airdrop of DIGG: “…5% of the options will be deployed at the teams discretion leading up to and during the campaign to drive and reward behavior supportive of DIGG.” - BadgerDAO x UMA: Introducing Rebase Mining & DIGG Options Airdrop | by Jonto | BadgerDAO | Apr, 2021 | Medium - it could be used to rewards the people who has the Real Diamond Hands.

The address that has equal or more than 21 days of negative rebase could be rewarded.

yes. but i think this program is more to bring back DIGG to peg.

Thant’s why : 60% of the options will be distributed based on a snapshot taken within 24 hours of the options drop (and 30 day timer starting)

This idea here is not to reward old users. But reward people buying after the annoncement

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You are right, it is much better finished this program and use this 5% of rewards to incentivaze more new buyers, and then Badger can think in another BIP for early DIGG Holders in negative rebase.

or maybe do some sort of rewards based on the amount of accrued pineapples leftover in the dontbuymeme bdigg pool since


Great idea! I’ll vote for it.