NFT game that never ends

Goal: Create a NFT game that never ends.

Scope: Create NFT game with a culture about DIGG loyalty.


  1. Attract people who like games with unique pieces that increase in value, and can be used for fun.
  2. Create uses for DIGG throughout its existence.
  3. Give rewards to DIGG Holders.


BadgerDAO has always been about games, and can begin with the game that never ends.

This game will be created with NFTs cards that has utilities in rebases, but the unique form for getting each NFT card for the first time is participating in DIGG; you can get some NFT Holding 100% in positive rebases or you can get another’s NFT supporting DIGG for many days in negative rebases.

This game helped to decrease the sales of DIGG in KPI Options, but also for the future of DIGG and for having more utilities for DIGG.

The creation of the NFT happens each 24th of month commemorating the day of creation of digg (24 January).

The game is simple:

  1. First point, each 24th of the month will create 3 NFT: Common, Rare and Legendary the amount of each NFT should be the same amount that accomplishes the second point.

  2. Second point, there are 2 possibilities for gain NFT:
    A. If you support 21 to 26 days of negative rebase: you will have 1 NTF Common Creature
    If you support 27 to 29 days of negative rebase: you will have 1 NTF Rare Creature
    If you support 30 days of negative rebase: you will have 1 NTF Legendary Creature
    B. If you don’t sell anything and have 10 to 20 days of positive rebase you will have 1 NFT Common Artefact.
    If you don’t sell anything and have 21 to 29 days of positive rebase you will have 1 NFT Rare Artefact.
    If you don’t sell anything and have 30 days or more of positive rebase you will have 1 NFT Legendary Artefact.
    This NFT artefact can improve your maximum rebase boost using the NFT creatures.

  3. Third point, each 24th of the month can be created: Common, Rare or Legendary NFT Spells, this NFT can only be purchased with DIGG, and 80% of these DIGGs are burned and 20% is used for developers, designers and the team that is creating the game.

Rebase Boost

The rebase boost is only for the Staked DIGG you need to have bDIGG in your wallet, not work for LP WBTC/DIGG or DIGG that you have in your wallet.

If you hold a Common NFT Creature you will have 10% in rebase boost, that means if negative rebases happen your capital only reduces to 90% of the total rebase.

Common NFT Creatures give you 10% of rebase boost.
Rare NFT Creatures give you 15% of rebase boost.
Legendary NFT Creatures give you 20% of rebase boost.

To use NFT Artefact or Spells is necessary to have at least 1 NFT Creature, this can help people who support negative rebases sell NFT Creatures to the other wallets that have Artefacts or Spells.

Common NFT Artefact can be used in 1 any NFT Creature for multiplier 1.1x the rebase boost.
Rare NFT Artefact can be used in 1 any NFT Creature for multiplier 1.15x the rebase boost.
Legendary NFT Artefact can be used in 1 any NFT Creature for multiplier 1.25x the rebase boost.

Common NFT Spells can be used in 1 any NFT Creature for multiplier 1.05x the rebase boost.
Rare NFT Spells can be used in 1 any NFT Creature for multiplier 1.075x the rebase boost.
Legendary NFT Spells can be used in 1 any NFT Creature for multiplier 1.125x the rebase boost.

You can add various NFT creatures to improve your rebase boost and the maximum rebase boost that you can get is 50% and complemented with artifacts or spells for multiplying this maximum rebase boost and get maximum of 75% of rebase boost.

Lastly, the real diamonds hands in DIGG will receive NFT retroactively.

If you support more or equal to 21 days negative rebases in some of this dates:

  • 24 January to 23 February
  • 24 February to 23 march
  • 24 March to 23 april
  • 24 april to 23 may
  • 24 may to 23 june.

You will be rewarded using the same logic explained before (in the second point of the game), and this NFT can be used for rebase boost.

Example NFT Game

These NFT cards can also be used in battle games in the future for fun or bet, or Badger can create tournaments; there are so many possibilities. Badger can create a game like MAGIC, or the NFT cards can be redeemed in arcade games, this part can be created with a future partner of Badger like Nintendo, Wizard or another game company.

This images are an example of MAGIC cards:

Example of NFT creatures MAGIC


Example of NFT Artefacts MAGIC


Example of NFT Enchantment (spell) MAGIC


The first simple game for bet DIGG, bDIGG or have fun can be:
DIGG Dojo Creature Battle: each people take only one random creature from your deck (wallet) and use the attack of the creature for beat the defense from the other creature, they can tie or win and lose. May the real diamond hand win! :trophy:

This battles can be streaming if both players allow it and all people can know in top table the amount of BET in each battle for choose see it.


Thanks for writing this up! I’m down to have more NFTs as multipliers.

The thing with DIGG, as far as I understand it, is that the value is done at the DIGG smart contract level, not a per-holder thing.

It’s kind of like a deflating/inflating coin (as per BTC peg), so it’s not like we can affect individual holders differently. Right?

If so, the way around this is to mint/burn DIGG according to NFT card specs per-holder balance to counteract DIGG’s rebasing effect.
If I’m somehow still understanding correctly, implementing such alternatives seem more complex than it might be worth.

I have to revisit the tech spec of DIGG rebases to speak more eloquently about this.

That said, please DM me when you get a chance. I am designing a literal Badger Arcade with games, and this sounds like the perfect addition to the system.

As @VLK mentioned on the Discord chats, there’s a bounty for such a project on an ongoing hackathon right now:

It would be awesome to see a proof-of-concept of your idea; you’d likely get lots more traction with the team. You could also gain something by submitting to the hackathon!

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From a game point of view it’s probably not worth changing DIGG. From a DIGG point of view, it may be time for a change.

Digg was built many months ago based on ampleforth as an experiment. We’ve run using this token model for quite a while now, and in the end it’s not working super well. In the last month, we’ve seen a lot of rebasing coins be launched, and do stuff. Most of them don’t hold Pegg, but lots of interestsing things do happen.

As @mjade pointed out in a discord chat. UST seems to be a pretty stable algocoin, but that’s because it’s got tons of utility in the Mirror protocol and that utility is used to support it’s price.

Figuring out a way to restructure Digg in a way that creates intersting utility, and making that utility something fun could be really cool (although maybe not a 3 week project).

If we really decided that this was the right thing to do, we could find a way to find and fund a developer/DAO to make changes to Digg and do this. I agree that changing the rebasing mechanics of Digg is a big move that will take quite a bit of development time and economic consideration, but if this next DROPT thing doesn’t work, maybe we need to start thinking bigger.

There’s a Digg Dojo each week. Maybe this can be discussed there next week?

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