RFF- Empower the treasury council to have compensation for participation paid directly from the treasury

The treasury council today operates independently under the framework approved by token holders in BIP 89 which requires a 5/9 consensus amongst its members for any decision including if new members join or are removed.

Currently the Badger community council as approved through BIP 93 is paid directly from the treasury following the guidelines approved by token holders.

I propose that the treasury council do the same for its members and have a framework for members to opt-in or out of being compensated. This of course should be made public like any treasury decision and be held accountable by token holders.

Today there are 9 members on the council;

Some signers are unpaid while others are compensated for their advisory work from the Badger Association.

As a matter of public record I’m currently not compensated for my role as an individual contributor to the council nor would I like to be in the future.

Looking forward to hearing what the community thinks

  • Yes I support
  • No I don’t support

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Moving the conversation to Discord to keep things simple, organized and the discussions consolidated - as per our governance process

Here’s the link

Please use this for the discussion unless you do not have access to Discord, in which case feedback here will be considered.

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this rff resulted in treasury council decision #41: #41 Treasury Council Independence