#41 Treasury Council Independence

Treasury Council Decision #41: Treasury Council Independence

TL;DR: Move payments of compensation for Treasury Council members from the Badger Association multisig to the Treasury Council multisig. This decreases the possible conflict of interest between the two entities.


In order to fully reflect the independence of the Treasury Council onchain, and as a result of the rff discussion started by @spadaboom on the forum, compensation for being a treasury councillor in 2024 and onwards should be signed for and transferred directly from the treasury vault/operations multisig. This is in line with BIP 93, which did the same for the Badger Council.

The level of compensation will be the same as what was already in place for some councillors; namely $5k per councillor per month. To minimise signing and other operational actions, payments will be set up as onchain LlamaPay streams denominated in $USDC. The expectation is that once set up, the only signing needed after that will be when members join/leave and a yearly top up.

The terms of joining and leaving the council remain the same as per BIP 89. For members that already receive compensation from the BadgerDAO for other work, the Treasury Council will have to decide on an individual basis how much overlap there is between these roles, and if multiple compensation agreements are thus warranted. Councillors are always able to voluntarily forfeit their compensation.

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