Rff- Bring Discord Back

The discord created a place for community discussion that functions differently than a forum. It allows for responsive real time discussions between token holders.

Proposal: The DAO’s operational team should reinstate the discord to enable token holders and community members to have live conversations. If the operational team does not want to manage the discord the DAO’s treasury should fund $50k-$100k a year budget to paying a group of third party community managers to run the discord.

  • Reinstate the Discord
  • Fund an alternative third party to manage the official Discord
  • Badger doesn’t need a discord

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Despite the discord not being overly active during the bear, this is the community that brought me into DeFi. The ability to be connected to like minded individual’s is huge. I will miss it. RIP



Losing the discord is very disappointing. This will make onboarding any new Badgers extremely difficult and basically is shooting ourselves in the foot.
To expect vibrant and robust conversations to occur on here, on the forum, is nonsense. People use discord.


In the least there should have been a council vote on this. Then it should have gone to a snapshot. People prefer realtime communication over forums like this. If moderation of Discord is so difficult, then ask for some volunteers to handle it to start with or find some better tools to help prevent scammers.


This decision without community input or Council disclosure/input (I’m a councilor) is objectionable.

Are we a Dao or not?

Spada should bring back the discord and submit a RFF on rugging the discord and then let the community decide.

Btw I’m sure as the team is paid that Ebtc development falls under purview of badger tokenholders. Would love if Spada and team included community on decisions there.


Discord has historically been the primary method Badgers used to communicate with each other. It was an especially valuable avenue for interactions between the DAO elected Community Council and token holders, including those who lost in the hack. Discord has historically been crucial to community discourse and governance - it was where relationships were built and flourished.

The technical team is paid by Badger DAO to build and administer its technology. They did not consult with the DAO and their decision was unilateral. As a service provider to the DAO / community, this is an unacceptable overreach. They have exceeded their decision making authority, demonstrated a lack of respect for the community and displayed an unacceptable level of centralization.

Discord access should immediately be restored and no further discontinuation of community technology be taken without community discussion and approval.


who took this decision? unbelievable…


Very confused and disappointed with this decision …


I’m with T0k here. Absolutely crazy that this is done with no community input.

Badger discord should be put online again ASAP with an RFF submitted to shut it down. This is beyond shocking, & clearly no thought has gone into it.

The way the announcement is written shows that they expected a massive push back, hinting at some alternative reasons being the basis for this choice. Appalling leadership


I’d like to point out this from the announcement: “After 72 hours, the server will officially transition into a deprecated state and all channels will be removed.”

In doing this on a Friday, 48 hours go by when many people are off for the weekend.

It should be noted that all record of communications between the community and the team, including commitments, promises and governance votes by the community counil will be lost when this is done.

Further, snapshots are 72 hours long. The timing of this prevents the community from voting to reverse this decision.

This is, obviously, intentional.

This is a gross violation of trust and community engagement.


This post by @cryptogle is going to draw a lot of attention. Such a terrible look for Badger DAO. Bring the Discord back before public viz gets worse. https://twitter.com/cryptogle/status/1733358195467284647


it seems it got deleted

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what a sadge day for defi




Shutting down the Discord because of security is ridiculous.

What are the security risks?

  1. The vanity link incident: this is because you guys forgot to buy nitro. I remember it because I was one of the guys who reported it to @blackbear and it could be solved by instead of using a vanity link to have a permanent invite to the discord and a custom domain like badger.com/discord that redirects always to that link instead of using discord.com/badger as an invite
  2. scammers, agree on this with the guy above, they all get banned
  3. scammers messaging users, nothing like a bot on repeat that sends a message every couple hours / messages in a channel that says remember nobody will ever DM, you even guys had it covered with support tickets making so that users who open it arent exposed to everyone else (or atleast that what you said)

I truly do not understand the reaason on closing the discord. I am not an active user but I am a passive reader and I will truly miss it.

Why did it went read only too, not even a warning time to say goodbye, I am a Badger holder and I wanted to try eBTC but this seems… strange I truly do not understand the reason. I googled the security firm and they are a entreprise cybersecurity firm in New York, do they even know how Discord works?


Killing Discord unilaterally is obviously a mistake, an overreach, and a failure of the process, and it should be reversed asap.


What a Dao.


what a “DAO”
transparency FTW


there’s no need to remove the discord;
if moving the support away from the discord is beneficial to the team, do it, but there is no real “attack surface” on having an official discord for the DAO.

just put a disclaimer that all support should be done through the website