Monitoring the currently issued Badger according to BIP26?

Where we can monitor the currently issued badger per week according to BIP 26. Badger/DIGG Emission Plan Part III: Liquidity Mining Program Extension.
and at which week we are currently at?

Also what happens at the end of week 22, no more badger emissions?
And if digg is under peg i suppose that means no more Digg emissions either?
APYs will become low single digits and what we are going to do then to keep at least some of the TVL?

That’s why we need products that people actually use like the wbtc vault, btc bridge and claws. We still do have a lot in treasury though that we could allocate to more incentives if we wanted to. As for what week we are in you would probably have to ask in discord. I haven’t kept track.

Wouldn’t it be nice the week and current emissions to be easily visible somewhere?


We’re currently at week 13 out of 22.
Each new emission week starts on Thursday.
The exact emissions that go into each pool are available in the public sheet that was posted in the BIP: Badger/DIGG V3 22 Week Emission Extension Plan - Google Sheets

So week 14 starts on April 22.
The exact emission schedule depends on DIGG and Badger prices at the start of the week, which brought us to distributing 100% of DIGG emissions towards DIGG Setts.

As an example, the emissions for week 13 are:

BADGER/WBTC Uniswap 8,900 Badger
BADGER/WBTC Sushi 8,900 Badger
BADGER Staking 4,450 Badger
ETH/WBTC Sushi 6,960 Badger
renbtc 6,960 Badger
sbtc 6,960 Badger
tbtc 6,960 Badger
Harvest renbtc 6,960 Badger

DIGG/WBTC LP Uniswap 21.16 GDIGG
DIGG/WBTC LP Sushiswap 21.16 GDIGG
DIGG Staking 10.58 GDIGG

(GDIGG is a unit of account that stands for “Genesis DIGG”, which always has 4000 supply. So if DIGG supply is at 2000, and we distribute 20 GDIGG per week, the weekly rate of distribution is 10 DIGG)

I know the sheet might look a bit confusing, but the next emission BIP if approved will likely bring more clarity when it comes to emission schedule for the upcoming weeks.

As for what happens after 22W extension event, I plan to submit another BIP to extend the rewards towards the end of it.

With regards to TVL, we’re looking to launch a couple of vaults with a decent underlying APY in the coming month. Plus launching ibBTC will unlock the liquidity which currently sits in Setts.

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