General Framework for Badger Boost

The goal of this post is to outline what the badger core team is building towards to help clear up and codify the discussions since launch of how to reward badger users that interact with apps and assets associated with badger. Ideally community members share their thoughts, recommendations, changes and ideas to further solidify what the implementation should be.


Non-Native Staking Balance:
All staking positions for a user that doesn’t include BADGER and DIGG.

Emissions Balance:
All emissions are based on the amount staked. The Emissions balance = [non-native staking balance] * [Badger Boost]

Example: Badger emits 100 Badger between two stakers. Staker A has 1 BTC staked and Staker B has 3 BTC staked, so Staker A gets 25 Badger and Staker B gets 75 Badger.

Badger Boost

A multiplier that is determined based on your Badger Ratio. Badger Boost applies to the relative value of your non-native sett positions. A higher badger boost means you get a better dollar-to-dollar return. All addresses are ordered by their Badger Ratio and receive anywhere from a 1 (None) to max (3 to start) multiplier.

Example: Badger emits 100 Badger between 2 stakers in non-native setts. Staker A has 1 BTC with a 2x Badger Boost, while Staker B has 2 BTC with a 1x Badger Boost, so Staker A receives 50 Badger and Staker B receives 50 Badger.

Badger Ratio: This determines where in the rankings you are and is a simple ratio
[Badger Balance]/[non-native staking Balance]

Badger Balance: All staking positions for a user that include BADGER and DIGG + any multipliers.

ROI Boosts

ROI Boosts can be implemented by modifying your Badger Balance to increase your Badger Ratio, thus giving you a larger Badger Boost. An example of this could be holding an NFT to boost your badger balance 10% (numbers are subject to change). This would create a higher badger ratio (as non-native balance is static) and then push you up the badger boost leaderboard, which in turn will increase your multiplier. Badger balance is determined by a smart contract so any previous action, or held asset can be included as a “boost”.

NFT Strategy

Before being implemented the strategy will be run by the community for approval. We are thinking something like a baseline boost to badger balance (say between 5% and 25%) based on NFT rarity. Then we will have rotating special NFTs that may multiply that specific NFTs boost for a period of time. The goal is to create tangible value for the NFTs, which will in turn create demand, speculation, and velocity.


  • There is no way to add a “2% boost” to apy, it’s all dynamic/relative

  • Users only holding native vault assets will not be receiving a boost (this is in line with fully reinvesting rewards in these setts)

  • Emissions to native setts and non-native setts on the whole continue along previously described strategies, this only affects emissions within those categories.

  • No boosts can be implemented until badger boost is live


Looking gooooooooood :ok_hand:


native vault assets won’t get a boost? so NFTs won’t help my bBadger holdings? Could you/someone share the reasoning? Is it because of auto-reinvesting & fungibility of those tokens? Thanks!

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No offset in the badger boost to help the little guys who only have a little bit of Badger?

Sounds good to me. I especially like the part where "

So the biggest factor will be how much badger you have staked relative to your other assets?
That seems fair and will create support for badger price.

I believe the 10 rare NFTs from recent game should have the bigger boost, like 25% for example.
Those are all held by badger OGs that didn’t sell their DIGG (even if they could have gotten 100s of thousands of dollars at certain periods) They are the most loyal and backed with the most money and or only 10 so shouldn’t be a problem to give those 10 NFTs the max boost.

Then the jersey NFT, you have 200 people that gave $2k each in under 3 minutes, talk about loyal and dedicated following! And that is protocol that is like 4 months old? Incredible! The community here is priceless and not just with talking but they actually back it up with their money!
So those should get the next biggest % boost, like 10% or so.

And I suppose there are few people that have both NFTs, those are your “Crème de la Cream” so I think they should be allowed to use their boost cumulatively.
They will be just few people anyway.

Voting, you don’t want to have the situation where people just vote mindlessly without actually caring about the proposal and just voting with the crowd. High boost for voting might do just that, so while there should be boost it shouldn’t be that big, so only people that really care will go through the hassle. 1% or so seems fair.

Overall those things you do (the game and the jersey) really make this protocol different and outstanding.
For example yearn is not even close to that level of community engagement.
You are creating community that won’t just switch for the next best APY. This is priceless!

Keep up the AWESOME work, you are creating history right now.


I’m curious to know how emissions will eventually decrease from native tokens to revenue (or some other form of APY). What is the DAO’s long term plan as far as keeping competitive APY’s but not being a farm token? How long can we sustain competitive APY’s with our current emissions model?

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If I hold NFTs on Ethereum, but am staking on BSC, is there a way to make the boost cross-chain?

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Whitepaper and Satoshi = Biggest Boost
Badger King 0xb1 collection = Need biggest boost

The rest diminish from there.

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yes, we should put more attention on bsc.

Are you a whale? What you propose sounds great for a whale. Only the biggest whales got the most rare NFT’s so now they should get the biggest boost to get even richer? I tried to get the jersey but wasn’t able to since checkout didn’t work. Right now my incentive is too make sure those that were lucky enough to get the NFT’s have as little boost as possible to prevent them diluting my own apy. I’m being somewhat facetious, although some people may see it this way. I do think they should get a boost but I think there should be a cap on the amount that gets boosted so whales can’t just buy up all the nft’s and take all the emmissions through their boosts.

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Well said. From what I’ve seen in the DeFi space, nothing drives people away faster than a “reward the 1%” mentality. If this happens, I can see Badger quickly becoming a consortium of 5-6 people with all the NFT’s/boosts and all the voting power.

I get adding value to NFT’s can be beneficial so the appeal doesn’t die off, but so is rewarding active members of the community and giving everyone a fair go. In my opinion, the latter should out way the former if the Dao is to flourish because - in short - 10,000 minds is better than 1. More people active here = word-of-mouth advertising = the attention of larger investments as well as retail money.


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You don’t need to be a whale to get the jersey NFT just really to believe in badger and those people should be awarded.

The 10 rare NFTs are indeed mostly owned by whales, but they are the ones that supported DIGG price instead of dumping, so should be awarded properly.
You need money to make money and it’s normal the people with more money to make more money.
Badger is not a magic project where even people with little money can make a lot of money.

All I’m saying is that people that support the project should get more boost, and in some of the cases those with more money can have bigger impact.
If we punish them for having money that would drive away the whales.
And for the project to succeed you need both kinds of people.


Badger DAO es ian wonderful project. I’m glad part of this community!

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I would like to check what is non-native staking balance since all I staked here is badger and DIGG and It seems I am not qualified with only these 2 staking. What should I do to be qualified myself for this boost? And I do wonder why native staking is excluded for boost. Thx.

A few thoughts,

Quoting sexy badger “I believe the 10 rare NFTs from recent game should have the bigger boost, like 25% for example.”

-At this current stage I digress a bit. The 10 rare NFts were definitely obtained by whales, there’s nothing wrong with this, but I think they should get middle of the path rewards boost, so 12.5%. They did their part and are being rewarded for it.

Common and badger pack joy ride should obtain between 5% and 10%. This rewards the not so rich in bdigg and the little guy who is supporting badger but also looking for returns.

Concerning first round NFTs, there’s an opportunity to do some very creative boosting applications given the content of each NFT. With this I quote

bajja "Whitepaper and Satoshi = Biggest Boost
Badger King 0xb1 collection = Need biggest boost

The rest diminish from there."

Those first NFTs are special because they were the first drop and their content illustrates important parts of the bitcoin history. I would suggest perhaps making its own thread and the community bring forth % suggestions for these genesis NFTs

For instance I suggest Mt.Gox NFT should have an ironic high boost because it displays a point in time where people took on a lot of risk buying btc and suffered from it with the back of Mt. Gox, but if they held any btc or kept involved past that huge problem, the market is now rewarding them big time. Sort of echoing the phrase, ‘despite setbacks, you can still find success in the long run.’

The Jersey NFTs should get a variable boost based on how Long an address holds the NFT and uses it in the badger protocol. For starters Jersey NFT gets 5% boost, after 6 months if it’s still being used in the same wallet it gets bumped up to say 10% , after 6 more months of use 15%. So after holding the Jersey NFT for 2 years in the same wallet you would now receive 25% boost. This identifies the badgers that are truly in it for the long run and rewards them for continuing to hold the NFT. (The proposed periods of time could be shorten to say 3 months instead of 6, considering 1 year in crypto is like 8 years of tradfi) This also helps keep track of a jersey NFT sale/transfer, so if a new person/wallet acquires it they will have to hold it through time to get the highest % boost available.

TLDR: Reward whales but also reward common and joy pack NFT holders.

Discuss with community % boost for genesis NFTs according to the content of the NFT.

Reward Jersey NFT holders as the HODL through time showing their commitment to badger through ups and downs.


There is mention of stacking other NFT’s with the jersey NFT to boost APY but what about if someone had multiple jersey NFTs. Would their boost be stacked or is the plan to limit a boost per account?

I like the proposal that the boost increases the longer the address holds the NFT as is participating in the badger protocol. Any incentive for long term supporters can only be a good thing for badger.

Good ideas everyone.

I for one am disappointed that the current plans have no intention of providing any boost for $BADGER native stakers. I am one of those $BADGERS :cry: and am a badger NFT enthusiast. Will there be any utility for us with our NFTs?


Is the wBTC/BADGER Uniswap pool a Non-Native Staking Balance?

Not wanting to derail the discussion - but have there ever been plans for giving trading fee rewards to BADGER?