DIGG Launch Parameters

Agree on not repeating the airdrop. Will reward those that didn’t claim in the first place or just immediately dumped and moved on.

Adding new communities is def something we should consider though.


Rebases usually dont go untriggered long because bots will rebase and then arb where possible at the same time. the stability of DIGG relative to BTC will have a lot to do with the roadmap and peoples perception of its long term viability.

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I’m fine with the airdrop plan for $DIGG because it’s a small supply of coins, 50% of which goes treasury. They’ve kept it mostly within the Setts, and that feels right.


agreed, im open to this as well. like $100 of DIGG, pays back gas and keeps the rebase call tidy


rough scope it and post something and Id be down to provide feedback. I love balancer! Is AMPL whitelisted for BAL rewards or can it not handle rebasing tokens?

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Yes I believe the AMPL smartpool on Balancer is incentivized with BAL. From Simon (AMPL):

Simon | Ampleforth12/07/2020

For participants in the Old Faithful v1 Geyser -the first AMPL/USDC smartpool geyser, on Balancer- The distribution of $BAL just went out. 786 $BAL worth about $11K went out to participants for this weeks distribution!

I haven’t participated in a rebase concept…am I understanding it correctly that a single individual will be responsible for initiating the rebase? If so I have an idea.

No, rebases are platform wide and affect all tokens in the ecosystem regardless of location or status.

this was from earlier : “At that time someone needs to trigger it and pay the gas for the transaction so while the rebase limit is 24 hours it wont be exact.” Who triggers?

I absolutely agree. Let’s not forget that the owners of wBTC will have the chance to earn $DIGG through Badger/wBTC sett. I also think that Sushiswap will be the better choice, as the pool there could be added to the ONSEN program and earn SUSHI rewards on top of DIGG which will help to attract liquidity.


yeah, Balancer is great. Remains widely misunderstood in this space though.

Pretty sure AMPL is whitelisted, at least one of it’s pools. Will have to doublecheck that one.

My initial thought is to have Digg, Wbtc, RenBtc, sbtc, tbtc in the pool. Not sure about the weights though, Digg is throwing me off there.

The goal with this idea is 2 parts.

  1. creates a pool that will help arb the price of Digg, while providing all badgers an economical place to swap between the different products (could have the fee set pretty low, like 0.1%
  2. the pool is bootstrapped by the dao and becomes an LP Sett, while earning Bal tokens as an extra reward

I have this written more in depth on paper, but not home at the moment :slight_smile:


If there will be an airdrop of DIGG it will be fair to include those who claimed the initial Badgerdao airdrop or those who are currently participating in current Badgerdao setts, this way the community will be happy that they are considered first before strategically looking outside to airdrop to non Badgerdao community… This will encourage/promote loyalty !


I believe those are included under “10% Early users and contributors” in some way/shape/form.

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I also am not completely opposed to this - thought the initial drop of badger wasnt claimed by all - its definitely proved beneficial imo. Badger is already very well known which is impressive. up for more discussion but it would be cool to keep this airdrop ( if their was one) for well known rebase coins and their users. Yam, ampl, based, are the first main ones that come to mind. theres been a ton of crap ones launch and definitely wouldnt want to include those.


I like this alot. yet again proving you are not just some guy. very value able member of badger community.


it could be the overweight sett. main question would be ratios and if they should be actively adjusted (smart pool) or fixed (not much flexibility). since they all (except for digg) track each other probably wouldnt be eligible for BAL rewards.

as a fellow ren ambassdor i too would like to see this - but as long as it didnt segregate liquidity to much would like to see both pairings? not an either or? let the users decide where they want to go?

Yeah, have been thinking about that too. Getting Digg whitelisted would be a must.

Could also play around with throwing in a really small weight of Badger.

Ive got a connection at balancer let me reach out about white listing digg


Yes i also think it’s key here. The more pool ,the more people targeted but also the more diluted rewards. Maybe should focus 1 pool for each big protocol.

If they didn’t claim it’s not lost. And it’s even better. The goal of the first airdrop was to create a good community

I have a more technical question @jonto. What is the risk if we don’t only start the rebase after few days ?

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