BIP 6: Badger Grants Month 1

Category: Governance
Scope: Initiate grant process for rewarding contributors to Badger.
Status: Accepted


  • Define the purpose of Badger grants
  • Outline who should receive first set of grants from the treasury
  • The responsibilities of those receiving grants


Badger has accelerated quickly and with that comes a need to compensate those that will contribute moving forward along with people would took actions prior to this proposal that deserve a grant.

Grants are meant to be the means for compensating fixed projects and ongoing operational support. These are people who’ve shown interest and have been chosen by the core team to fill outstanding requisitions from the job board. To compensate these contributors we’ll leverage the treasury in the form of $BADGER. Currently there is 7,350,000 $BADGER in the treasury.

To start I propose we do a 30 day grant program starting upon approval of this proposal and after that define if quarterly proposals are better suited. Since this is the first month there is some trial and error.

The core team have spoken with a variety of contributors that voiced their willingness to get involved in operations. The grants below will be to rewarded those people along with those that went out of their way to help Badger.

$BADGER will be distributed daily via the “claim rewards” function in the over the course of 30 days.

These proposals are meant to gather feedback from the community and if there are grants you don’t agree with please voice your opinion. If there is community consensus around that discrepancy we will adjust accordingly.


Past Contribution Grants

  • Jintao- He has created the one stop dashboard for all things Badger. Grant 500 $BADGER
  • vfat- He created as an alternative for users to deposit in vaults and see their Badger position. This was critical when we had UI issues in the first couple days. Grant 500 $BADGER

Ongoing Contributors

Front End Development

  • mitche 750 $BADGER

Backend/Smart Contract Development

  • shakeshack 750 $BADGER
  • gismar 750 $BADGER


  • DeFi Frog - Leading product board, job board, governance steward and financial modeling/analysis 600 $BADGER
  • kris2f - Leading contest, onboarding champion for operations and moderator 500 $BADGER
  • BitcoinPalmer - Partnerships, onboarding champion for operations and moderator 500 $BADGER
  • Niklas - Grant curator responsible for ecosystem grant designs and operational grant management. 400 BADGER

Product/Project Management

  • Jonto- Leading DIGG product along with project managing launch. 600 $BADGER

Marketing and Content

  • Ingalandia - Marketing and content lead including blog, social media, newsletter and bounty board. 500 $BADGER
  • DeFiFry- Content and blog manager 300 $BADGER

Graphic Design and Video Creation/Editing

  • Donald 350 $BADGER

Badger support

  • kryptobi 200 $BADGER
  • faces - 200 $BADGER
  • sp7290- 200 $BADGER
  • jakeminlim - 200 $BADGER

Fixed Projects

  • zashton - Development of DIGG app and dashboard. 500 $BADGER
  • vfat- Structure and implement DIGG Airdrop along with vault integration testing. 500 $BADGER
  • Jamlog - Will lead the airdrop v2 to resolve issues for any Badgers that were missed. This includes gathering all the appropriate data and preparing it for our merkle airdrop. 1500 $BADGER

Special Grants

Total $BADGER Allocation for month 1 = 11,000 $BADGER

If you are in favour of month 1 grants, vote “for” and if you are not in favour vote “against”. Please share your feedback and guidance.

  • For
  • Against

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Great work everyone!


Congratulations everyone
BADGER :heart: :heart: :heart:


Very good job to everyone. You deserve it :smiley:


Good work Guys. Make Badger great again.

Congratulations to all.


Sounds good!

I would like to propose that vfat receives a slightly higher grant amount for the initial creation of I was in the discord at launch with the buggy UI and I believe that his integration kept a slowly building mass panic at bay.

I can only guess of course, but I think that if not for him, BadgerDAO TVL would not be what it is today. I would like to see him receive an extra 50%.


Congrats to everyone! Looking forward to helping out any way I can going forward! Let’s go!

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Great and thanks to all for the grants

here ye, here ye, here ye

(had to say 3 times to get 20 characters)

but well deserved!

Congrats! Hope you will contribute more to the development of Badger :badger: :badger:

Totally agree. Those talented people should be rewarded.

I really like the transparency and agree with the amounts. As the funding source is from the treasury I would also really like to see a report on the breakdown of team and early contributor tokens to get a better picture of compensation and who is getting paid twice.


Amazing work everyone! Glad to be a part of the Badger family and be amongst the first to join the community. Let’s keep this community strong and positive! #proudbadger

honestly feel like vfat deserves a larger grant. this was my first time heavily participating in a liquidity mining event, prior i’ve only flirted casually with farming and largely stuck to trading. so when i supplied $wbtc and $badger to the uniswap pool and deposited the lp tokens into the sett but could not stake i was annoyed and felt like my trust had been misplaced. found the docs and tried sending a small test transaction to the contract “native.uniBadgerWbtc”: “0xA207D69Ea6Fb967E54baA8639c408c31767Ba62D” my transaction can be viewed here: “0xaafd283b1fc27e67dfa1bf19bb8fd1949acfce07142c96ec6b1e91bcf6b46d44”
after the transaction i didn’t see any update in the badger/wbtc lp token staking gage so i kept looking. found the community wiki with a link to and found the deposit function on his site. this experience was educational and i am extremely thankful for vfat! cheers


This may be an unpopular opinion, but as someone who has lost money in previous crypto projects, I have the following concerns:

Most of the current circulating supply has been distributed to users and liquidity
providers, but this proposal calls for a substantial percentage of the current circulating supply (over 10%) of $BADGER to be given as rewards for full-time work. While there is no guarantee that those who receive the grant will dump the tokens, it feels like the initial liquidity providers and investors are just financing this project with no guarantee of a return?

While I do believe an investment with potentially high returns requires risk, I have seen too many projects do exactly this to the crypto community: bring in outside investors with high-yields to finance a team to create a product that may or may not succeed.

I am completely okay with paying professionals to help make this project as good as it can be, but I’d rather not risk crashing our collective investment opportunity to do it. Am I the only one who sees this this way?


i know that the strategies are creating automated $badger buy pressure with 50% of rewards so that’s like constant bid, it’s also fixed supply so scarce in a narrative sense. i’m with you tho as a fellow newb and would like to see more information about the token model for $badger

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You guys got my full support. Keep it going :innocent: :ok_hand:

I think we may add some more members to this list, as Ultimated Power and rod266 for example, as these guys answered hundreds of questions on the discord and really helped the community, especially in the first stormy days.


Not against grant, but not for this type of decision.

We have the choice to say yes to a list of +20 people, or no . Who proposed those people ?

Should we wait a few weeks to see the implication of members before doing those grants ? Seems to me that you are in this list if you push at the beginning. I when saying push, I think it the good term. Sounds more like a a dictatorship than a DAO :rofl:

I thought some position still needed to be determined. Also, the thing we need more discussion here. Some proposal and post, were created with a vote, but not discussion. So then ok, 10 people say yes, without discussion. And it’s enough to get a grant.

I’m not saying grants are bad, and we should not do it. I’m just saying this DAO is (IMO) going too fast and is not very structured. You reward people with a lot of money, sometimes for a very limited implication. And it’s dangerous to build a solid DAO. Especially at the beginning.


@Spadaboom can we also start voting with snapshot ? Where holder have more weight .

You can see what happened with Gitcoin where people created 10 accounts just to trick the system.
A simple vote yes/no on a forum to distribute 11k for 1month doesn’t look very serious.

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