BIP 43: Purchasing

Category: Treasury Management
Scope: Purchase domain using $300k from the treasury funds.
Status: Accepted

Objective: To determine community sentiment and approval to acquire from a strategic advisor who secured it for the DAO.


Strategic advisor, very early Badger and fellow community member, Arben Kane, through his own means has purchased the domain. His intention in purchasing it was to transfer ownership to the Badger DAO. He acquired the domain for $300k USD and is willing to pass this cost to Badger with no markup in exchange for USDC from the DAO treasury. He has shared all documentation with the team proving his ownership and purchase price.


Outside of enhancing the reputation of the Badger brand as a whole, if we made the home of Badger DAO it would further solidify our app as the trusted place to put Bitcoin to work. Especially as we expand to provide value to non-crypto native users, this will become an important piece to their first experience and the ability to quickly overcome common stigma that surrounds the cryptocurrency industry.

Furthermore, one word .COM domains themselves are valuable assets and there are entire business models that are based on the ability to buy domains like this, increase it’s value through a variety of means and then resell it. This wouldn’t be the intention I suggest for the DAO but it speaks to the ability to appreciate the assets value which I think simply being the home of Badger app will immediately do so.

As you can see today the domain is not even picked up by domain/website ranking websites like

For comparison and not suggesting this is our benchmark since they are a top 1000 website globally but take a look at Coingecko. will quickly increase the value across all these categories (daily traffic, referring websites, search engine optimization etc.) In turn at a very surface level this should increase the domains value.

Also, I think this is a very good price for the domain. In working with brokers I was quoted between $450-500k as the middle men needed to take their cut. Arben acquired the domain directly from the owner through past relationships with him. To put it into perspective was recently purchased by the Future Fund team on behalf of Sushiswap. The last quoted price on for was $1.9M.

What would we do?

We would redirect all traffic to


Upon passing snapshot, $300k in USDC from the treasury will be transferred to Arben Kane in exchange for ownership of the domain. The core team will verify and handle all matters associated with the transfer.


As requested by the community in regards to the purchase. See attached invoice Arben received from the original seller of the domain which outlines the amount he paid.

If you are in favour of using $300k USDC from the treasury to acquire then vote “for” and if you are not in favour vote “against”.

Please share your feedback and guidance.

  • For
  • Against

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You had me at “Purchasing”.


This is huge for the badger brand! Great job to all of the leadership team and Arben for getting this done!!


100% I’ve seen what branding like this on a TLD can do and it is totally worth every penny.


This is a waste… like putting chandelier in the office. This should have been put to a vote by the dao BEFORE the 300k was spent. Now we on the hook for a reckless purchase that doesn’t really help the mission currently


This is huhe sir.
Definitely 100% for for this

Purchased through his own means.
He could be stuck with the domain name, except that we want it…at cost.
This is good imo

sounds like a waste of money

even top defi projects don’t have dot com domains

defi users dont care about tld


I’m not voting yet, as I’m trying to give something like this careful consideration. I don’t know if this would be easy to do, but by what measure(s) would the ROI of something like this be measured, and over what time period would it be expected for the DAO to have at least recouped its investment?

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This is a waste of time and money.

Also, I like the domain

Why do we need .com?


I think It was not necessary for this cost


I didn’t vote I’m stuck in the middle, seems like a lot of money to just get rid of three letters “dao”. But on the other hand it does seem amazing to have if you want to try to sway me I might vote your way, and yes I’ve read everything up to my comment. Either way keep up the good work! badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger mushmoooooooon

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300k seems pretty pricey. How much would this actually increase traffic and how much of that traffic would be the type of people to be interested in and understand defi? I personally feel the money could be better spent in other areas.


I’m all for it due to the unprecedented exposure the domain could possibly bring. However, the monetary amount is quite high. What do people against the change think we should do with the money instead? Or is it just because it’s seemingly a waste of treasury money?

How do we know that he acquired the domain for 300k USD and not for 200k or 100k?

You should make the documentation public… this is a DAO.


Why he purchased the domain without the aproval of the treasury?

3 Likes would be better but I support this

300k is definitely a fair price for a 1 word domain. was much more. even if he acquired it for 100k, i’m supportive of paying him 300k. it’s a fair price.

If we cant verify the price Kane paid we are not a DAO.


price may feel a little steep (except when you look at sushi) but it’s a great long term investment for badger!


Exactly why this is such a dumb move. This should have been discussed before he bought because if the dao doesn’t purchase he’s caught holding this bag of shit. Oh but man, he did it for the dao! No f that, we got bigger fish to fry than dumb Justin Sun PR bs like this.