BIP 27: DIGG Clawback

Category: Digg
Scope: Unclaimed $DIGG Clawback
Status: Accepted


It is not useful to leave airdropped DIGG unclaimed. With the initial BADGER airdrop unclaimed BADGER was clawed back starting after 48 hours 20% at a time so after 7 days all unclaimed BADGER moved to community control.

I am proposing to do the same with DIGG but simpler.


No scaling, after the time period decided upon passes after official DIGG launch all unclaimed DIGG will be clawed back and be under community control. Any uses for this unclaimed DIGG can be proposed in future BIPs. Please vote for the time before clawback below:


Vote for the number of days people will have to claim their $DIGG before it is clawed back. (To clarify, this vote is winner take all, not a weighted result).

DIGG Clawback Time Period
  • 2 days
  • 4 days
  • 7 days
  • 14 days
  • 28 days
  • none

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Love the idea, only concern is if the period is short that could hurt the smaller guys who’d like to wait for cheaper gas. For that reason I voted for a week.


Same. It needs to be long enough for the small guys to claim if the Ether fees are through the roof.


Same, ETH fees are to high for a lot of people atm, 2 days doesn’t seem fair


Clawed back and burned.

With gas prices so expensive and some people that may have lives to live, why not give 14 days and not make this so frantic?


This is why people dump airdrops immediately, we don’t even get the digg yet, and already trying to take it from users that need to wait for low gas, include 2 and 4 days on this proposal is a shame


With has fees as crazy as they are, I voted 28 days, you get to claw back unclaimed, but gives everyone time to collect.

2 days, which seem popular on here is just crazy, what if your busy and don’t notice. I’m shocked it’s even been suggested.

Surely the aim isn’t to steal digg off of people, and 2 days is definitely going to leave some people feeling like badger taking advantage, really wouldn’t be fair .


Jeez another BIP, does this mean another 72 hours we gotta wait for DIGG. I voted 7 days. I hope this can be sorted after launch, doesn’t seem like it can though.

I’m with VLK. Relax and give people time. I voted 14 days as well. But would be ok with 28 just as well.


I have no respect for those who voted 2 days here. Shouldnt even be an option anything less than 7 days.


It is not fair to force someone to take action so quickly, they may not even have enough to pay for gas. Depending on how they fund their wallet it can take over seven days just to move money from an ACH transfer from a bank account to their wallet if they don’t have money for gas.

There is no real detriment to allow them the maximum of 28 days to claim.

Voting for 2 days is absurd, 14 days minimum, but I feel that 28 days is still the best option as it won’t hurt us to give them that extra time.


Agreed, I’ve had transactions sit in the mem pool for 7 days only to get dropped.

The last thing you want after all this time is a PR disaster, people flooding telegram to complain about potentially 400/500 gwei transactions costing $150.

If Ethereum fees are higher than digg value,the telegram will be flooded with negativity for weeks.

At least with a long claim period tg admins can say, “it’s ok, just wait till gas fees come down”


It just dropped.

They aren’t, that’s why it’s up for vote. Don’t assume bad intentions and give people (and the community) the benefit of the doubt :heart:

Agree with most of the above. It would be inappropriate to do anything less than 14 days. But really 28 days is better. I once got so sick I was pretty much in a fever dream state for two days. I imagine someone might have broken their computer/phone recently. Or are on a trip. What’s the rush?


Voted for 7 days, good idea.

7 days is fair. We definitely can use this for the future - probably to extend liquidity mining like we did with $BADGER.


Interesting discussion. I voted for 7 days but I think notice should be given in advance to provide the community for ample time to claim.

This should have been decided before launch though. Not after.

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7 days - but provide a warning that in 24/48/72 hours, a 7 day countdown will begin, which requires action or the loss of languishing DIGG. We want to encourage active involvement, without being punitive to those who are busy.


Good points, perhaps we could make an announcement on twitter and discord when this countdown is to begin to give advance warning. I know this would mean the total time elapsed will be longer but the benefits for the community outweighs the costs imo.

The BadgerDao twitter did mention earlier today there was still 63+ DIGG unclaimed which is >10% of the airdrop.