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I would like to present to you the newest member of BadgerDAO

Hashmask #8838 now belongs to all of you!! His name is BadgerDAO and I selected the name prior to the unveiling.

So…now that the community owns it, what should we do with it?

I would like to see the twitter profile updated with a new ‘face’ for a short time. I also thought we could have this NFT provide the holder with some benefits in the Badger ecosystem (reward boost, early access, etc.) and auction it to the highest bidder.

Would love to hear your thoughts, as it’s now in your control.

Cheers, Badgers!

Here’s a link for Hashmasks if you’re not familiar.


Bid action is a good idea. And then use this money to become a matching partner for the next round of Gitcoin grants.


How can we bridge this nft with the nftx platform that tokenizes/indexes hashmasks currently? A vault that uses the value of the hashmask index balanced with badger to lend out and generate fees for both ecosystems and benefit us as holders? Hashmask/BadgerDAO. I’m a smooth brain but I’m sure the more gigabrained here can see what I mean.


Very generous. Thank you CHAD!


Would there be any feasible way to pass this like a torch across Badger wallets at random. The holder would earn extra staking rewards and you use the Haskmask as your Twitter profile etc.


I can’t speak to the technical part of that, cool idea though.


To kick things off a little bit

Change our Twitter profile to show the new Hashmask for 1 week
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  • NO

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nice one chad looks epic

3 Likes offers the ability to create shards of NFts, or partial ownership shares of an NFT. Could create shards and reward long time stakers/lps/ect.


Wow thanks a lot !
Awsome stuff

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Sending it to NFTX and providing it as liquidity would earn fees for the DAO, but it would be such a small amount. The gas would absolutely kill it right now.

If it sat in there for a year+, then perhaps it would be something to consider. That being said, if we ever decided to pull it out, we aren’t guaranteed to receive the same NFT back.


This is interesting. Suppose you couldn’t pass the actual mask but rather a link to it.

Can you create any # of shards?

What if every current Badger holder/user was given a shard, distributed evenly and not based on weight. And then, you receive a boost to rewards if you own a certain % of shards. Say, over 51% gives you reward x and 75% gives you reward xx, etc.

Would be a nice way to raffle off the NFT while benefitting all Badger participants.


I compeltely agree it should be strategic.
badger should have NFT also.

look at this

Shortly after I sent this NFT to the treasury another person followed suit and sent to the Whale community.

While our Hashmask is not currently considered rare by the greater community consensus, it’s only 1 of 2 Hashmasks that are under control of a DAO. It would require a community vote in order for someone to purchase them…that’s pretty rare.

How can we leverage that for the greater good of Badger?


this is kewl!!!

@Justsomeguy showing much love for the badger community, this is awesome!

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