NFT proposal, how about a Badger-HoneyGuide?

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HoneyGuide NFTs?Sounds very interesting :rofl:

Hi, what do you think guys?

Well, why not, any details?

I pay more attention to how the NFT project is played. Can it bring changes to Badger DAO or $DIGG?

But this is definitely a very good attempt. If there is anything that needs help, I can help you, just DM me.

that’s great idea :smile:

Yes! we need DIGG NFTs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Any details?

what other interesting things that will relase?

Are you a team member or a lover of badger? :smile:

Sure, will let you know if I got a detailed plan.

Both :grinning:, we will launch soon

:thinking: We do need such an idea to integrate BTC into DEFI

This is actually a good idea


sounds very interesting :+1:

sounds very interesting :+1:

Let’s get on it !!!

When Honey Guide???

We Need Badger NFT!


I think this is a very good proposal. Do you have any relevant ideas? Maybe u can submit it to in the support channel. DM @sp7290 or @blackbear

Team will give u Better Suggestion.

I’m fine with the Nft plan for $DIGG because it’s a brave try. They’ve kept it mostly within the Setts, and that feels right.This will bring more vitality to Badger DAO.


That’s a great point. NFTs would be a great way,
Is there any latest news.

It would be nice to have some utility of NFT’s in Badger ecosystem but it can be discuss later as still many left to be mint. :grin: