BAdger Staking Reward in Badger Sett

Did the transaction to stake ever confirm?

Hi Devin, yes i got a confirmation on etherscan…

I would recommend asking in the support channel in Discord.

It takes more than 50$ for me to put into staking tokens for 1000$, I could not still understand the daily income from the staking, because 0.43$ could not be taken seriously.

eth is sadly a bit of a whales game while gas is so high… can’t fault badger for that though.

There are many networks to use, Binance Smart Chain, for example. On the other hand, if the project is based on this expensive ETH - hope the daily income for staked Badgers should be appropriate…

I could not understand, there is some (0.00028) Badger Available to Claim now, at my account - but it asks me to submit some another transaction, on 0.028276 ETH (44$), to collect it. Is it a joke?
Because I am very angry about everything I see here, at Badger project.

Gas on ETH is expensive, not the fault of Badger. You’re going to see fees like that with any ETH project.

I mean if fees are so high, the reward should also be high.

If the reward (inflation) was high, the price would be lower and you’d complain about that too.

You need to understand the concept of inflation.

I am withdrawing, but they give me back bbadger and not my badger…I staked 1100 badger and they give me back 900 bbadger… how to take back my badger?