BAdger Staking Reward in Badger Sett

Hello friends, I am new to the Badger community. I was curious to know whether staking rewards are still available in the Badger Sett. The badger app is still allowing users to deposit and stake their badger tokens. I just deposited and staked some badger tokens in the badger sett after paying insane gas fees :roll_eyes:. Please let me know if my staked tokens will earn rewards and where do I see them? I read some of the medium articles and I was confused whether the staking rewards can be earned during the 8 week liquidity event only.

Any answer is highly appreciated


Been wondering this as well. As far as I can see the docs don’t specify difference between depositing and staking. Or how often it compounds.

[Badger Sett - Badger Finance](https://Bader Sett)

The 8 week emissions has changed since the launch of Digg. We have aprrox 21 more weeks left at this point.

When you deposited Badger into the Sett, did you also stake? It’s a separate tx. At some point in the near future, Badger will not have to be staked and will accrue rewards while being composable with other protocols.


It does this at different times. Sometimes you won’t see an increase in the underlying for days.


I staked the tokens. I can see that the number of staked bBadger is around 82% of the underlying badger. I guess I was looking for the reward section which shows how much rewards I have earned/accrued like in the Uniswap’s liquidity pool. I am assuming the community can expect to see such feature in the future.

Thank you for your response, appreciate it.

We don’t have the same set up as Uni’s LP page. We have a few different options than the Badger UI to monitor your assets though.


This helps, thanks bunches!!


Hello, I am not sure be able to use the BadgerDao, I try to deposit and stake, but my token goes into BadgerDao, but I am not earning the staking, why? Help me please.
I think is only in deposit…but I did stake and I payed gas fees. And If I withdraw I can do only with bBADGER and not with my token.
I try to learn on medium but I don’t understand. How can I do?

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You have to deposit your badger and then you have bBadger. Then you can stake the bBadger for more rewards. I think 50% are re-invested and 50% will be claimable. You should see them by now. Rewards are distributed every cycle which is anywhere from 2-8 hours.


I have deposit already, in my metamask there is not any badger now. I try to stake dBadger, my Metamask made the transaction and I pay for it gas. But the platform doesn’t stake nothing. Nothing moving in… I try to find tutorial but nothing explained very well.
I try to unstake, but the DAO tell me that I can Unstake bBadger… and not my Badger. So I don’t know how to unstake or withdraw my token… I am very afraid and I want my token back, because the DAO in not clear…

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Please help me, about my last sentence. Many thanks to all.

Do rewards need to be claimed within certain time? Or can we just leave them as they are. I tried to claim a very tiny badger and DIGG this morning but the gas fees are insane so I don’t see any reason to claim them immediately.

Yes, I am confused because I have some Badger Staked and some just held in my wallet, but they both show up as gaining interest. What is the advantage to staking them? Are they earning interest in my metamask wallet?

No, I leave them there until gas is cheap.


When you deposit you are in the “sett” and getting rewards. When you “stake” (it’s sometimes called a geyser) you are getting extra rewards.

Thanks for the links Justsomeguy , they are great. Strange they are not in the docs. Never saw them there at least.

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They’re 3rd party apps but we have been using them from week 1. Was especially helpful at the beginning as the official UI was a little buggy.

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Still annoyed the UI doesn’t show the process steps in status boxes and then having action buttons.

PEOPLE ARE STILL duplicating approve, deposit transactions because they don’t know where in the process they are. The UI is better but not perfect and hiding the status on these, assuming every browser and wallet will interact with the app properly is an assumption, not a result, at least if the reading of all the transactions going on to get into these vaults/stakes is any indication.

Given network fees are rapidly approaching ‘ludricous’ I think making sure the staking UI is bullet proof from a user UI perspective would be considered a high priority.

I have decades of not just UI but HMI design under my belt and know what is GOOD and what are downright NO-NOs of UI and HMI design and would be happy to give feed back in exchange for some Badger for my time at my $100/hr rate (I actually make a little more than this now in my day job).

Or you can keep pushing forward with the same stuff. BTW: I like the graphical design, colors, I hate the UI gotchyas that are there just because someone is trying to save space (and doing a terrible job at this btw).


Seems like gas fees are going to continue up with the price of ETH…when will they be “cheap” again?

Which link?
My badger tell me what I have attacched

Why there is NO deposit? I put my badger in… Is there an Helpdesk for to speak?