BAdger Staking Reward in Badger Sett

Try clicking where it says ‘STAKE’. If it shows you a # in available, you can then stake it. That’s a separate transaction.

If you’re still having trouble ask in the support channel in discord.

Now the situation is this, if I do unstake I could take bBadger. How can I take my Badger? and when?
Now seem I am earning badger but slowly and not at the interest rate that you can see in your screen. Why?
Exsist a helpdesk or a custumer service?

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I really like the project. Just wondering if the APYs mentioned on are still accurate? has way lower APYs for the bBadger pool for example.

Would like to hear why that is and if I’m missing something.


the apy’s on the app are an average of everyone in the sett or pool. Some are earning more due to earning multipliers for the time they have been staking. A bip is being worked on to display more accurate apy on the app.

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When you UNSTAKE, you will have bBadger. This is badger that is in the “sett”. If you then WITHDRAW you will have normal badger in your wallet.

Maybe you can help…when i initially started staking in December, i was getting about 3 badgers as rewards per day, last month i added to my balance and staked more almost double, now i am not even getting 1 badger per day. How does that compute? Did the add put me back on the list as a new staker and thus getting me less rewards? Just curious … thank you

The emissions schedule has changed see bip 26, most emissions are weighted towards digg now and LP gives higher rewards.

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How to unstake and take my badger and not my bbadger? Please help me

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Just Hodl it’s ON !!!

First you need to Unstake your bBadger

After that is done you need to Withdrawal your Badger by clicking withdrawl.

There is a “button” a little “lever” that if you click on it will change Deposit to Withdrawal

So make sure you click on the button /lever and after that you can Withdrawal Badger.

We are going to $1000 by the way.


What you mean"we are going to 1000$?
The price is stopped and going back…This is what I see

Badger is strange… TVL growing and is high, but the price is going back…In my umble opinion the price would be 300-500$ minimum, but isn’t it… why?

It means it’s undervalued and you should be buying not selling. (Not financial advice)

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If you never figured this out, use vfat,tools for deposit and staking, app doesnt work for me either

I see, but seem that everybody think that is not undervaluete, because nobody buy…

is there some airdrop? I have badger but i never receive nothing…

If you are referring to the gitcoin airdrop you had to have participated in the gictoin round 8 donations to be eligible for the airdrop.

HI There, i have deposited and staked some dbadger (confirmed paid) about 10 hrs ago but when i go into my portfolio (on the stake tab) it seems that the same dbadger are still “available” to stake…

Can someone please explain me if this is just a matter of time to confirm the “staking process” or did I miss some step/s ?

Thanks in advance!