Badger Merch Proposal

Dear fellow Badger DAO community, my name is Steve Brudzewski and I am a co-founder of Top Drawer Merch along with my partners Drew Nilon and Matt Dronkers. We have been community members invested in badger since inception. We run one of the most innovative merchandise/e-commerce companies in the USA, based out of Los Angeles, CA. We service some of the world’s top musical brands such as Coachella, Snoop Dogg, Kaskade, Illenium, Porter Robinson, and Rufus Du Sol, to name a few. We handle design, web development, production, global touring logistics, pop-up shops, brand development, and retail partnerships. We have worked with iconic companies such as Warner Brothers and DC Comics. I would like to propose working together to create an exclusive merch line for Badger.

Here is what we would like to propose:

  • We would create special merchandise items that would be an actual physical piece of streetwear tied with an NFT.

  • 70% of the profit on all of the items would go back to the DAO.

  • The Badger community has expressed interest in using NFT’s to boost rewards in the app. We would like to explore this idea further and propose that if you acquire one of these NFT’s in your wallet, you would see increased badger/digg rewards.

We truly believe in this project and would love to make this come to life on a global scale. We envision people wearing the Badger brand proudly through high quality merch items. Let us know your vote if you are for or against this. Our client list here for reference: Client List – Top Drawer Merch


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Merchandising revenue for the DAO is a gimme. Gamification via NFTs is on brand too.


Fuck yeah just take my money already!

Love this idea, and it’s a great diversification for Badger too :slight_smile:

I feel the demand is going to be off the hook for the initial NFTs/merch so would be cool to have an early limited launch that lets the earliest and most loyal Badgers have a shot at buying! (by counting good old Staked Days maybe?)

Just an idea, keep Badgerin! :badger:


Count me in, can’t wait to wear the badger merchandise!


This is going to be amazing!!

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im so widdittttt. TAKE MY MONEY!!! but dont wild out on the prices

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I think this is a great idea. Combining limited edition merch + NFT’s will be awesome for increasing engagement and rewarding Badgers.

Count me in!


just do it
just do it

Steve, this is awesome! I used to intern for you guys doing fulfillment when I graduated from ucla. Was hired through Andrew at the time haha. I remember talking to you in the summer of 2017 about putting some of Electric Family’s treasury into bitcoin but it was too volatile for you guys at the time. Hope you’re doing well.



You too! Great to see you are a fellow Badger!


In principle, I love the idea. Hope you can elaborate more on the different topics.

NFTs for boosting rewards in the app is also something I support, but needs to be carefully designed and implemented. NFTs to be sold should be a part of an overall strategy which could include other kinds of NFTs (earned or won in a contest) - and different tiers.

I love the possibilities regarding NFT’s and if we do a good strategy for this, that would definitely increase engagement.


Let’s roll! We need merch ASAP! NFTs with perks and profit share on top!? This is innovation.


Sooooo downnnn! I agree with LIMITED edition and first shot at limited merch for $BADGERs from the beginning (maybe calculate as badger earned [just like the digg rewards])? I’ll wear BADGER products with confidence and pride. What a great idea to bring in revenue and diversify and incorporating NFTs!!! Can’t wait to explore this further with the team.

@Spadaboom @gismar @jonto This is a must. We just need to have more details @SteveBrew . Let’s make this long lasting and carefully plan the increased rewards mechanism to not “overpower” the NFTs. Just like early creators of the MAGIC card game did with some of the old cards (don’t play myself, but heard about them).


Sounds like a great plan. Another channel to siphon in demand.

I like it !!!

I love this idea! I can’t wait to get some badger merch to show off.

That will be a great innovating piece of a project, I’m in.

Hey, where is option to vote? I want to smash my “Yes” on this =)

Now that’s the stuff I love to see, bringing more value to badgers. Awesome badger apparel with an NFT to top the cake. I think everyone will agree the idea is awesome.

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Yes, yes, yes. :grinning: