Badger Association Q1 Goals and Transparency Plan

Badger Association Q1 Goals and Transparency Plan

With a continued commitment to improving transparency, the Badger Association is going to share what its goals and milestones are across product, tech and operations with the BadgerDAO community on a quarterly basis. This is the first installment which includes an overview of the transparency plan we’re going to execute moving forward.

Let’s start with a brief overview of what the Association is and how it’s structured for those unfamiliar.

The Badger Association is a Swiss entity and has its registered office in Zug, Switzerland.

The purpose of the Association is to foster growth of the BadgerDAO ecosystem; to enable technical and operational development by hiring and managing contractors, to progress strategy, partnerships, and to help evolve legal, security, and overall best practices in supporting BadgerDAO.

The Association doesn’t have a team, rather it’s made up of many independent service providers that deliver contracted services on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. This modular approach enables decentralization and specialized domain knowledge to support the Badger ecosystem. Many of these service providers don’t provide services exclusively for the Association and work with other clients or projects at their discretion. Badger’s performance has accelerated with this model as it delivers new perspectives and flexible execution as protocol needs evolve.

The Association Transparency Plan

Below you’ll find a breakdown of the quarterly transparency plan’s key elements:

  1. Quarterly ‘State of the Association’ report that’s similar to the ‘State of the DAO‘ which has been published since 2022 with updates and performance commentary
  2. Quarterly town halls with the greater community
  3. Monthly builder updates from tech and product (first one coming soon)
  4. Public eBTC dashboard (to track TVL, positions etc.)
  5. Public eBTC code
  6. Public eBTC multisig repo
  7. Public Association financials
  8. Quarterly budget with milestones across product, tech and ops

As per the last point above, the Association recently received approval from the Treasury Council for Q1 funding, which includes the milestones outlined in this post along with the GTM and cost drivers to deliver these outcomes.

Q1 Product and Tech Milestones

Service providers working with the Association are aligned and dedicated to one core goal, Launch eBTC.

This means delivering the first and a more competitive native looping and leverage product for the ETH/BTC pair. On a monthly basis there will be builder updates shared with the greater community by the Association to help stay up to date with progress and to provide feedback.

Below are the technical and product goals with milestones across Web2 and Web3:

Technical development milestone - Launch eBTC


  1. Launch new testnet for release-0.6
  2. Complete continued external review of release-0.6
  3. Launch initial Eth-variant Zaps (enter/increase/exit collateral positions in native ETH, WETH, stETH, wstETH)
  4. Go live with pre-launch bug bounty (last official audit)
  5. Launch Guardrail monitoring services
  6. Execute multiple incident response drills pre launch in accordance with the IR plan
  7. Merge final audit recommendations
  8. Launch eBTC protocol on mainnet
  9. Go live with official post launch bug bounty (Immunefi)


  1. Release eBTC SDK
  2. Support new testnet deployment in dapp
  3. Build, launch, and run all bots (liquidation, MEV, etc)
  4. Integrate dedicated incentive program into dapp
  5. Support ETH variant zaps in dapp on mainnet
  6. Deploy Reward distribution engine in dapp
  7. Launch dapp with mainnet contracts deployed
  8. Launch & support eBTC tracking dashboard in collaboration with Block Analitica

Product development milestone - Launch eBTC

  1. Finalize launch plan to manage risk and protocol execution (in collaboration with Block Analitica and Steakhouse through the BALCO) after public community feedback
  2. Design and execute seeding plan in collaboration with Treasury Council to bring eBTC to market and ensure a stabilized launch
  3. Execute the marketing launch plan and establish baselines to grow engagement (PR and influencer engagement, establish a pre/post launch baseline on content performance)
  4. Design and launch new incentive program with eBTC going live and a new partner
  5. Finalize and support 2 new eBTC protocol integration partners to go live shortly after launch
  6. Establish and start new BADGER token push in Asia with service providers across influencer, content, contests and social media marketing in conjunction with eBTC launch.

The Association is focused on ensuring the greater community has an improved understanding of the progress being made as we strive to support BadgerDAO with the highest quality of service providers we can collaborate with.

This is the first of many updates and we’re looking forward to building together.

Be relentless. Be Badgers.


Appreciate this. It’s good SMART goal setting and provides a clear set of deliverables everyone can understand.

A question relating to bullet 5 of the product development milestones - launch eBTC section:

Are these 2 integration partners established names folks in defi already have familiarity with?

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As the service provider leading these integration initiatives I can say with confidence these are well known DeFi focused dapps that currently support the largest CDP protocols in the space. Intention is to go where users are and introduce them to this novel ETH/BTC leverage protocol. Having deep familiarity with using money markets and CDPs along with substantial capital already deposited in these integrators (multiple billions) is the lowest hanging fruit for driving eBTC growth.

Lots of work to do on showing eBTC’s traction before these things become reality but the process has started.


eBTC growth is inevitable, and many along with it…