What's the difference between digg and bdigg?

and how should i transform bdigg to digg?

I am a bsc user,i bulit bdigg-btcb lp,but the ratio between bdigg and btcb change alot,I know it is not 1:1,and I also know the rebase,but I still can not understand how i lose btcb so quickly.

can any one explain this to me?thanks a lot.

BDigg represents a share of the Digg vault and you can see how much bDigg it’s worth in the Digg section of the app. If you have BDigg on BSC and wish to change it back to Digg, you will need to bridge it to the Eth network using https://multichain.xyz/. In regards to the missing btcb, this is called impermanent loss and to briefly summarise, if bDigg’s value decreased or BTCb’s value increases, there will be less BTCb in the LP token.

thank you for explain this,now i get it.
a new question is how should i deposit in bsc sett vaults?i tried it a few hours ago,i have btcb and bdigg in my wallet,but i can not deposit in that vault,even after i make a btcb-bdigg lp through pancake,there is still zero can be deposited…
i think maybe there is a delay,but which way can i deposit in to that vault?btcb and bdigg tokens or btcb-bdigg lp?
thanks alot.

You need the LP token from Pancake swap to deposit. Once deposited you should have PLP-BDIGG-BTCB in your wallet.

Thank you!But I tried just now,I have Pancake LPs token in my wallet,but it seems that Sett Vaults can not recognize this token…it shows Available: 0.000000000000000000 all the time…

Recently pancake swap changed there LP tokens to V2. I think the vault only recognises V1 at the moment