Whats is that with this crazy dump?

Can I get normal answer from somebody, who is on this forum more then 1 month? What is happening with this coin at the moment is not normal. It is sistematically dump of the coin, day by day, with only one purpose to put price down. This is done probably by you, developers. Helloooo!!!

Are you new to crypto? You seem to be. Do you understand market cycles? The market is very volatile and people take profits, especially when assets have done more than 10x in a little amount of time, as Badger have done. Even with that, price is up 251% in the last 30 days.

Consistent dump… lol.

I love Badger and I think it will keep growing to become one of the top DeFi projects in the space. So much more coming down the road already being worked on. And I am happy to see the price cooling off and consolidating. Plus, that also means I can get more Badger at a discount. Price will catch up eventually with the fundamentals, it always does. And in my humble opinion and assessment, Badger is very undevalued at the moment.


Long enough in crypto, that I’m sensitive on bad smell of some coins. Badger is perfoming extremly bad in last 14 days, and that is half of his lifetime.

Crypto go up, crypto go down…Why come it do that? Hodl Badger hodl the next bull run is closer than you think!

hehe, I’m thinking to buy new portion of it

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Me too. Buy low, sell high.

So while everyone else thinks this coin is ‘bad’… seems like a great time to buy!!!

So much coming with badger…

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