What is underlying badgers!?

Hey guys. Forgive me for my bad english firstly.
I’ve staked badgers. but some of showing underlying. What is it? What should i do?
I thought that i staked all my badgers?

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Ask in discord, you will get more help there.

This is actually answered in the FAQS on Discord:

8. Why is bbadger displaying a different number from the badgers I deposited? The value displayed indicates your position as it relates to the entire pool. It is a representation of your % of that Sett.

9. Does 1 Badger = 1 bBadger? bBadger is a representation of your ownership in the liquidity pool/strategy for farming Badger and the auto-compounding of the principal. It will grow over time as your rewards are compounded. $bBadger is not a 1:1 representation of $Badger.

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