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Hello there!

Welcome to Badger’s Forum. BadgerDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization focused on building the products and infrastructure necessary to accelerate the growth of Bitcoin in Decentralized Finance across all major blockchains. This forum is the place for all Badger related discussions, especially governance and Badger Improvement Proposals, where users can directly contribute their minds to the growth and development of the DAO. Please be sure to catch up on weekly updates and major historical BIPs to understand the context and current status!


General Discussion: Discuss everything related to Badger and the ecosystem. All topics within the realm of Badger Finance, DeFi and Bitcoin are welcomed.

Badger Updates: Weekly updates and milestones are gathered in this section, if you want a quick rundown of what happened last week come check the last post!

BIP | Badger Improvement Proposals: Badger Improvement Proposals (BIPs), are the main form of governance in BadgerDAO. They are written proposals made by a team or community member that are made to signal or effect change to its governance or products. Anyone can make BIPs as long as they follow the template. Come here if you have a nice idea that you think would be worth the community to decide on or if you want to actively contribute discussing new products, frameworks, etc.

Wanted | Badgers for Hire: Want to get involved and work with the Badgers? Check this channel for available jobs and positions between our Builders.

Developer Corner: Here developers can work together, form teams, pair up with a liquidity strategy provider, and potentially get started working on a new Badger product.

Support: Experiencing a problem with our platform? Need help from other Badgers? Create a thread here!


We’re happy to have you here and hope seeing you speaking your mind and interacting with the community soon!

The Badger Team

(Thank you to blackbear/frog for putting this together)