Week 4 Sushiswap Emissions

Emissions include:

  • (NEW) wBTC/ETH Sushiswap LP — 80,000 $BADGER
  • (NEW) Badger <>wBTC Sushiswap LP— 70,000 $BADGER


If you are in support of this proposal vote “Yes”; if you don’t support this proposal vote “No.”

All voting will end by 11am EST December 24th to give the operations team enough time to implement for week 4.

This was voted in with a resounding 81% to 19% with 197 total votes.

@DeFiFrog closed the thread as the BIP was accepted.

Week 4 runs from Dec 24 to Dec 30, so we’re halfway through it already.

How are the Sushiswap rewards being distributed?


i have the same questions :sweat_smile:

Are all 150,000 BADGER being paid out this week for only the 2.5 days it was active?