Wbtc-digg lp roi


I have deposited into the WBTC-DIGG Sushiswap pool. I can see my DIGG rewards, how can I see wbtc-digg SLP rewards?

And I’m a little confused about the rewards, can somebody explain the info given on this page:

What I understand is that I get badger, digg and sushi rewards, am I correct? If so, where can I check those rewards?

You will be able to see (and claim) your sushi rewards soon.

lol use vfat.tools/badger to see your underlying holdings because some of the digg rewards gets reinvested into the lp you might have il or not depending on when you started lol and then on top there will be xsushi rewards distibuted to users but nobody knows when they announced and didnt deliver they just say soon and working on it and testing so i believe it should be soon but nobody knows how soon is soon hahahahaha lol