UX/UI improvements

I suggest to make UI difference for APY calculation section on:

  • Sett page (show APY without staking)
  • Stake page (show underlying + staking)

I guess some users can be confused if they see similar APY in Sett and Stake. They may think that is enough to Deposit into Sett to get max APY


Completely agree with this.

On the Sett page, the underlying APY should also be the total APY frankly. Move the badger APY below/across from a note along the lines of “for maximum earning rates, you must also Stake your BADGER for an additional x APY”

On the Stake page, the APY should say something like “Total APY” then giving the breakdown as shown.

Maybe this can be accomplished with some simple (i) info bubbles? Either way though, the APY should not be the same on the Sett/Stake pages.


Good point - I have been confused too due to the same APY in sett and stake. I think people need to see the “high” APY on mainpage to get pulled in but for a better understanding the Sett window should have a note on the “next step” to get the full rewards.

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I really enjoy the pickle finance UI in terms of how it breaks down in each category your:

Right now the badger UI shows Your Rewards, but doesn’t break down the earnings from each sett or stake pool.

hopefully my terminology is some what correct


That happen to me and I’m glad I realized it in a couple of minutes :sweat_smile:
We should definetly auto compound staked Badger rewards too ASAP.


Sounds like a smart move to me.

In terms of moving this forward. Given that it is uncontentious I wonder if we can pass it to the development team.

Does everyone like what Vipes suggests as a breakdown too?

Given it is a small job can we put 5 badger from the treasury to the developer who does the work?

@bberry259 do we need to put any changes to a vote? Still wrapping my head around the DAO set up

Basically we need to get what we want to a point where we can pitch it on a call with the ops team.

See here:

- Community members propose new product ideas for feedback and collaboration on the Badger DAO Discord and/or governance forum
- Community will then fine-tune the idea and get it to a state to pitch it over a video call; if there’s a signalled support, the proposal can move to an off-chain voting
- It will then be turned into a defined scope including budget requirements, resource needs etc.
- Upon approval, the Badger DAO operations team will engage to work closely with community members leading the product and collaborate with them to launch.
- Badger DAO treasury will support funding requirements
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Hey everyone, first post (and first time getting involved with any DAO beyond voting). Love the community and work so far.

Does it make sense to add the contract address for BADGER (and DIGG, eventually) to the home page, preferably somewhere prominent like the header nav?

I figure it’s a good idea to not make people have to click away to find it, is a simple QoL addition, and adds some legitimacy so new users don’t have to wonder if they have the right address or not.

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Yeah I keep having to search google for it, click onto etherscan and then copy it. Which is potentially dangerous.

Id also support adding the contract address to the homepage. We should also consider adding an “exchanges” page so we dont have to copy the contract address in the first place!

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Just a small FYI - the contract (and all other relevant badger contracts) are on the docs which are located at the bottom of the page: https://badger-finance.gitbook.io/badger-finance/technical/contracts but this could definitely be made more clear.


Thanks @mitche50 good point. Id still like it clearer on the front page though!