USA regulations - make your voice heard

Please read this:

The US government wants Coinbase to furnish personally identifiable information for any wallet who receives/sends anything over $3000. I’m just making this post so that you can be educated that this is happening and make your voice heard on here:

Please make a comment on that link and let the US government know that they need to start coming to better regulations when it comes to crypto in the US. This $3000 rule is just sad.

The USA is falling behind compared to other countries when it comes to blockchain.
If they keep pushing out regulations like this, some customers from US might seek services outside the country - therefore losing out on a lot of $$$$$$$$. We want to foster blockchain development in the USA and be the leading country in this industry!

Please also spread this info to your crypto friends!

Thank you #badgerfam



I would love to voice my opinion to US regulators.
There is this one thing that always bothers me and maybe even others. Would it not be seen by the regulators as the new ( not really new ) negative hottopic known as ‘‘foreign hackers influecing local policy’’ ? Genuinely curious about it how it works and is perceived.

Thank You !