Up vote zapper.fi request to show bDIGG & bBADGER LPs on the dashboard

Hey badgers,

I have raised a request for zapper finance to get bancor’s bDIGG & bBADGER liquidity pools added to the dashboard.

zapper.fi protocol request

If you guys could up vote the request we’ll get noticed sooner by their dev team and have the update implemented, appreciated any help :pray:.


Unfortunately it is not possible now to add bDIGG liquidity on BANCOR “bDIGG limit reached. Additional BNT liquidity should be staked to allow for bDIGG single-sided staking.”


29,944.64 BNT"

Yeah the LP is full until either some people withdraw or BNT users stake more. They fill up quite quickly since there is a lot of demand. We may see space open up when trade volumes pickup as BNT users would seek to liquidity mine these pools.

On occasion during market movements, space may open after a whale moves pool.

Till then if there are any BNT protocol users that are also badgers here, staking BNT to these pools is greatly appreciated.

Seen as it not really possible to add $bdigg on bancor, is there an other use case for the $bdigg token?

There’s a small amount of bDIGG space at the moment actually, but it’s probably is not worth filling with the gas right now.

CREAM have proposed to add bDIGG to their lending and borrowing, not sure if it has went up to vote yet.

I believe that there are other things in the works but are not confirmed. For example with the upcoming UMA yield dollars using bBADGER to mint bCLAWS, I’ve heard rumours of dCLAWS where you’d use bDIGG to mint. But do checkout the discord where you’d be able to speak with others to find out more.

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Thanks for the reply, have to admit am a little lost on how to use
the UMA Page.