Uniswap V3 migration?


I am a LP provider in WBTC/Digg pool, stake in Uniswap V2 some months ago.

Is it necessary/convenient to migrate my funds to V3?

I hope this has not been previously discussed. I have not been able to find an answer. Thanks in advance

Uniswap V3 LP tokens are in the form of NFTs, I think you won’t be able to stake those tokens on Badger app… at least at this moment

One idea is to maybe have the DAO create its own LP tokens, and then the DAO deposits and manages the V3 pool.

Another idea that I heard one of the devs mention in one of their videos is to maybe incentivize keeping the V3 pools within certain price ranges.

Hi @Bomi
Uniswap V3 doesn’t support rebasing assets - so a no-go for DIGG (while still is ok with bDIGG).
No reason to migrate your position there

Thanks for your answers