Unable to withdraw (contract error)

Can a developer please contact me via PM, I have twice today tried to withdraw (after successfully unstaking) from the harvest.renCrv sett (at 0xAf5A1DECfa95BAF63E0084a35c62592B774A2A87), both times the gas has been sufficient, but the transaction has failed with “Fail with error ‘SafeERC20: low-level call failed’” costing me a lot of wasted gas.

Just as a further update to this, it seems that 0xaae82e3c89e15e6f26f60724f115d5012363e030 calls transfer on the rencrv contract, but the balance of 0xaae82e3c89e15e6f26f60724f115d5012363e030 is only 8 satoshi so it fails, since there is insufficient balance for it to pay out my funds.

How do we get this fixed?

I still can´t withdraw and I have still not had any kind of contact from an admin/moderator. I don´t know how to flag them on this, can someone please help - I cannot withdraw my funds.

Hi! Did you finally found an issue?
Gettin’ upset with this contract : 0xe9d1d2a27458378dd6c6f0b2c390807aed2217ca