Treasury and Fees

I am so excited by the new products coming to Badger in the next 60 days. That said, with all of the success and parabolic growth with the initial product expected to continue, I think it is time we have a serious discussion about the treasury and fees. I just want to have a general conversation about a couple of items:

  1. What crypto currency(ies) are we collecting in fees, and where are we storing them?
  2. What does the Badger community want to do with those fees?

Keep in mind that everyone has different priorities, so please keep discussion cordial and respectful. Here are my initial thoughts on 1 & 2:

  1. If we are collecting mostly Badger, we should keep it in treasury to keep emissions high for as long as possible. If we are collecting BTC/ETH, we need to start thinking about A.) paying developers B.) distributing to Badger holders C.) incentivizing new products.

  2. I’m in a long term mindset, although I know many may not be. I will vote for proposals that help long-term success, sustainability, and innovation. I think this project has a chance to be the number 1 DeFi play due to it’s community focus and integration strategies.

Can’t wait to hear more perspectives!