Transaction fee related to badger spend

Looking for some help / suggestions.
I have been using badger for a couple of months. I am loving the returns and excited about the future of the project. I have recently claimed my rewards since gas fees have settled below 100 gwei and I am attempting to restake my badger and have run into some problems related to irregularly high transaction fees($1500 -$2000.00) to grant spending permission to deposit my 8 badger. I have tried refreshing my browser with no effect on these fees. The gas fee is currently 80gwei and is again asking for 1500.00 + to deposit to the vault for staking. Please advise this can’t be correct can it?

transaction fee

That is definitely not correct. Sometimes MM estimates the wrong fee for gas. What is it showing for the estimate? Also, for a faster response, I suggest you go to the Discord support channel.

No, definitely not correct and perhaps some issue with the contract interaction / a bug that might have slipped. Never proceed with such a transaction.

As the previous comment said, usually you will find quick and accurate answers if you use the #support channel on Discord.

Thank you to both comments. I have never been on discord before but will consider trying if no one here has any other ideas. I have also submitted this info to metamask to see if they have any suggestions.

Thanks again,