The Value of Badger

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I’m trying to get my head around this fascinating protocol and struggle with understanding the long term value of the $BADGER token. Why would someone want to hold it as opposed to ETH, aside from speculation?

How is it possible that rewards can be ~60%? Isn’t this unsustainable to earn such high yields on btc?

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The valeu of the BADGER DAO is in every product crated by the DAO.

You get cash flow from every product if you hold Badger.

That’s the long term value in a nutshell .

I could go much much deeper to explain the possible future value of Badger but ill leave that for another time.

Now opposed to ETH is not an idea. You should own ETH and you should (in my opinion) own Badger also, and LINK , and AAVE etc etc

The rewards are possible duo to the amount of products and the amount of users paying fees to use those products.

And sure it is very sustainable in the long term , but keep in mind that the early adopters get more rewards so in this early phase you have the most rewards.


Thank you. Much appreciated. It’s my understanding it functions like a typical DAO, where users receive rewards for fees. This is very helpful. Thank you so much!

Yes sir.

You can reach me on Twitter if you have more questions just mentioned you are from the Badger forum @D_C_Crypto

And I would jump on board sooner rather than later Badgers move quite fast !

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In addition to what @DCbadger said:

  • There is significant market value in governance tokens. Take a look at the valuation of Uniswap (UNI) for example. Investors see value in being able to influence large platforms.

As far as rate of growth, here is a comparison I made between Badger and other yield aggregators. I think you’ll see that Badger has high upside given its relatively low valuation to date. This is must my analysis, DYOR, but I’ve used this model in the past to eval growth potential of tokens.


Hey, thanks so much for the reply. This helps a lot. I greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for the reply and willingness to help. Much appreciated.