TCD#54 - New Treasury Council Member

Over the past several weeks @juanbug has been active in supporting the Council and sharing ideas to foster growth. He has professional experience at a crypto native hedge fund and has helped Steakhouse for over two years. Additionally, he is present in the general DAO sphere as a delegate, and has participated across DAO’s and treasuries like Uniswap, Aave, Arbitrum, Compound, Optimism, Near, and Maker.

juanbug has expressed interest in joining the BadgerDAO Treasury Council. As the DAO accelerates into a new chapter with eBTC and BADGER focused growth, fresh perspectives will create value. As a result, I propose juanbug takes my seat on the Council, and if this vote passes, he would start immediately

Association Leadership and relevant members will attend treasury calls regularly and as required for consistent communication and collaboration with the Treasury Council



Pro:Juanbug’s got loads of experience with other DAOs and a crypto hedge fund, so he’ll bring fresh ideas that could really boost us, especially with new projects like eBTC and BADGER.

Possible Con:Adding a new member means there’s always a bit of a learning curve, and it might take some time for juanbug to get in sync with the current Council’s way of doing things.

Good luck!!