Staking in Wallet?

Hello, When I connect my Meta Mask wallet that contains both Badger and DIGG it says that I am earning APY for each…Is that right or do I need to stake them to earn rewards?

If you have deposited the DIGG in the app then that is all you have to do. If you want extra rewards for badger you have to deposit and then also stake it. Keep gas fees in mind since each time you will have two transactions if it is your first time, such as APPROVE then DEPOSIT then APPROVE then STAKE. each one costs gas

Thanks Devin, But that doesn’t answer my question. Do the tokens (Badger & DIGG) accrue interest if they are held in my Meta Mask wallet?
I only ask because when I got to my dashboard they are included there with and APY% even though I have not staked them. These are tokens I have received from interest already.

The price of the transactions is different,do not panic if you see that the first is a bit expensive, the second will be less than half that. Look for the gas to be low at the time of making them. :dragon_face:

If you have deposited them then they are now bBadger and bDigg and yes they are earning interest in your wallet. To get back your regular badger and digg then you would have to withdraw. I’m just saying you can earn even more apy on your bBadger if you also stake it.