Snapshot vote period

Hi Team,

Our community is incredibly strong at voting on snapshots following robust discussion of proposals.

I’ve enjoyed the snapshot voting and I am sure many badgers pride themselves on taking part.

Unfortunately BIP45 was missed by myself and many others(by checking the voting numbers). This was due to its 1 day vote period. Only two other BIPs have had a 1 day vote period. Most have had a 3 or 2 day period with some having 5.

I would like the community to consider a minimum two day vote period. With periods shorter only accepted if agreed by our council (I’m sure there could be reasons for short periods if discussions have taken too long and we need to hit deadlines).

By bringing in a minimum badgers will know that they have at least two days following an announcement to consider the issue and make a vote.

I look forward to your thoughts.


I brought this up in a bip discussion since the bip guidelines say it should be a five day discussion. @DeFiFrog showed that it also says that in early days of project team can move quicker for agility reasons. I think they were trying to get the bsc stuff set up as quickly as possible. I agree it’s not ideal for governance, but I think the best thing right now is for the team to be able to move quickly. We are still a young project and haven’t even come out with most our planned products. Once we become more established we can work on decentralizing more and improving governance.


I missed that snapshot as well :confused:
Think there should be a notification on the BIP if it needs to be rushed on how long the snapshot will be open.

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Wouldn’t it be better if there was a notification, particularly if it’s a quick vote. Or as mentioned above a minimum period to vote, so that community members don’t miss out on these votes.

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I second this. Missed it also

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concept ACK
at least make it a 3day minimum

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Thank you for coming back to me with this.

You’ll confuse many of our colonial friends with the term “ACK”! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: