Sent my badger to the main contract address

Hey everyone… I accidently sent my $badger tokens to the main contract address. Is there any way to retrieve them? Any info is appreciated. Thank you.

Ask in the support channel in discord they can answer your question.

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Sorry, but unless the contract has a function allowing it to transfer received tokens they are likely lost.

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Thank you. I was unable to get into the Discord.

Thanks for the response. I’m still hoping something can be done…

Why couldn’t you get into discord?

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Not sure. I tried to join from the link on twitter. This is what I get.

Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 5.55.33 PM

Try this

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I just tried to join… Apparently I set up a Discord awhile ago and can’t seem to get back into that. Tried changing my password and verifying, but it’s still not working.

I appreciate you taking the time to try and help me. Is there a way to just ask this question in the Discord for me? Or someone I can reach out to? Thanks again.

Yes I will get someone to help you here.

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Hello! If you are having trouble joining the Discord try joining on a different device, you can also join on a new fresh account without even registering by opening a tab on incognito (make sure to close the Discord app if you have it) and pasting this link: Badger. By doing that you will create an unclaimed account and automatically make it join to Badger.

Regarding the funds sent to the contract address if you sent it to 0x3472A5A71965499acd81997a54BBA8D852C6E53d (Badger token address) they are sadly unrecoverable, if you sent them to a sett for example there may be a chance to recover it (if you did let me know and happy to assist further) but if the address above is the one you sent funds to they are unfortunately
lost forever.


Devin, thank you so much.

Hey there,

The contract address i sent it to was


Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Here is the etherscan

Not sure if this helps or not. Thank you.

Just checked out the transaction and indeed you send your funds to 0x07ECAb3d5dd258970c326360E19169e9E540Fe1A. Which is kinda odd as you also sent 16,592.27 USDC to it before 19 days ago. This address isn’t a contract one or is owned by Badger, it is a normal ETH address so unless you have control of that address or you know the person who does then they are unrecoverable.

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Damn… I was told about an airdrop and then I was worried my metamask may have been compromised. So, in haste, I started clearing everything off of it. I guess this address was on my metamask as recently used address, but no idea who/where it belongs to. Thank you for all of your help. I guess, I’ll just have to learn from this experience and try to be more careful in the future. Thank you both @blackbear and @Devin for your time and effort.

I can actually see that it is my address to my coinbase pro account for my USDC wallet. USDC deposit matches the one on etherscan. Is this a transaction that can be reversed? Thank you

If it’s a coinbase address they may be able to help you.


Ethereum transactions can’t be reversed. And Coinbase won’t credit your deposit as they haven’t listed Badger. You have to contact its support and pray that they want to help you. Coinbase has a history of helping customers out so hopes are not lost, good luck!

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Coinbase says I’m screwed. Thank you guys for all your help. It sucks, but glad to know that there was nothing I could do… Goddamn Coinbase…

@Devin @blackbear Thanks again.