Roadmap to the Future

Hey Badgers,

I am wanting to get a list of everything we know about upcoming projects for Badger and would like to get some timelines together of when we can reasonably expect to see these products live, or just what is being planned and where we are headed.

I have combed through twitter/Medium/Discord to find anything that has been hinted at or said to be in the works, so far I have:

Badger Launch - Done
Badger NFT event - Done
Github donation airdrop - ???
Digg - Done
Digg NFT event - ?
Claws - Soon?
bBTC - ?
L2 - ?
BTC Bridge - ?
Zaps - ?
BTCX - ?

Feel free to correct me or add somethings that I may have missed.

I think that having a set of long term goals and projects planned all in one place will be a great resource for having people stick around, as well as help people looking to get into badger that might be hesitant not knowing the long term goal of this project.

If this can get enough traction maybe we can get a graphic together that we can start sharing with the Defi community.


I think btcx and l2 are the same thing. btc-bridge and zaps kind of go together and are soon:tm:

On the ecosystem side theres also:

Cream: currently can deposit/borrow bbadger, soon maybe borrow against it.
Bancor: Listing bdigg and bbadger (i think)

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A roadmap we can point newcomers to would be great! Please do create some sort of graphic for this. I know we don’t want to give dates for anything but even just showing what is being worked on with a brief description of it would be great.

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Hey thanks for that info! Ill update as more information comes out.

They mentioned in Clubhouse today that a roadmap is coming soon. A lot of things down the road, some of them are ready but being tested, some of them being worked on. It is critical to carefully test before releasing and I don’t mind waiting another week. They just need to be better at communicating and managing expectations.

We are talking about a DeFi protocol that has over $2B in TVL so better get things right before releasing them.