Rebase Function + gas

How often will Digg rebase? I assume each time it does will be a gas intensive function. On Yam, anyone in the community could call rebase every 12 hours. If the price was within rebase range, the function would occur. If not, it would fail. There was a 1 hour window every 12 hours where rebase was callable.

How is it going to work with Digg?

Bundling it in with each cycle tx, might make sense.

Alternatively, letting community members perform the function could make sense too. If the latter, I propose some nominal amount of Digg is provided to the address that calls the function, like 0.00001 or something. It may bit even make up for the gas but will incentive people to call the rebase function.

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Sounds like a good idea if this is the way they end up implementing it. If users have to call it then they should be reimbursed for the gas cost.

It’s more a question of how the rebase function will be called? Will it be automated out of the treasury with the treasury paying the gas, or is it something users can also call?

My thinking for max decentralization is allow users to call it and reward the address that successfully calls it with like 0.0001 Digg (or bDigg)

It doesn’t have to be much, and may or not even make up gas costs, but at least gives some incentive for people to call it.

Create a leaderboard. Reward the accounts that called it the most over a week/month/year with something.

Just brainstorming ideas here to create incentives to grow decentralization. And the more often Digg rebases, the better. If it goes long periods without a rebase (when it should because btc price has fluctuated) that is bad.