[PROPOSAL] Withdraw fee grace period after substantive changes

Any time there is a substantive change to the vault or reward calculation, there should be a 24-72 hour grace period where users are able to withdraw from vaults without having to pay the withdraw fee.


  • User sees a vault with rewards based on X (note: ‘based’ on X. Not what the % is because obviously that can change, under certain conditions. I’m talking about the underlying basis for how X is calculated)
  • User is enticed by this, thus deposits to the vault
  • The basis for how X is calculated is substantially changed
  • User is no longer enticed to be in this vault because it is effectively a different product than what they signed up for
  • There should be a grace period where user is able to withdraw from the vault without facing withdraw fees.

Super complex idea: Grace period is only eligible to those who voted No to the proposal.

This seems way too complex to code so I don’t see it happening, but is cool as a thought exercise.