Proposal to integrate Footprint Data Analytics with Badger DAO

Footprint is a powerful yet easy-to-use analytics tool to uncover and visualize blockchain data.
The team consists of an experienced team of DeFi enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds, including smart contract developers, consumer internet product designers, investment managers from the banking industry, and risk modeling practitioners.
Footprint is committed to transforming data and information into actionable insights, to find value in every movement.

This proposal advocates for providing a real time dashboard on Badger DAO.
This proposal advocates for recommending Badger DAO users trying to create dashboards and queries, to develop analytical thinking, and discuss the platform development scientifically.

At first, Footprint will provide a real-time dashboard for Badger DAO users. Not in a normal way relying on API only, using Bitquery and Airflow, Footprint built three commonly used modules, through conducting protocol-decoding and figuring out input and output of each pool, and analyse events behind pools. Footprint can provide automated, intelligent data integrity & data quality verification mechanisms. The system can automatically check the data before data entry, timely warning, and automatic repair.

Then, Footprint will be a tool that existing Badger DAO users can use. Badger DAO users build out their own dashboards and intensify interest and loyalty towards DeFi and Badger DAO.

Users can understand and analyze the real-time data of Badger DAO and build confidence to the Badger DAO ecosystem.
Footprint can help members of the Badger DAO community to promote their analytical thinking and properly distribute their assets.
Analyze Pool reports to obtain deeper insight data, optimize DAO’s investment management strategy, and maximize the return of the platform’s investment strategy.

Footprint provides customized dashboards to promote the development of the Badger DAO ecosystem and serve users.
Everyone can be a project analyst and contribute insights to Badger DAO and DeFi industry.

You can talk with us on discord and know more about Footprint!