Nominee Voting Process is faulty

I admire voting for nominees, but the way Snapshot works leave a lot to be desired. If I have 1,000 voting power, I am only able to cast all my votes for 1 person. Snapshot does not allow me to split my 1,000 votes across various people.

There are 10 nominees, and only 4 spots. When there is only 1 vote (Snapshot) it means each address only gets to vote for 1 of the nominees.

This leaves people in an interesting game theory position. If my preferred order of candidates is A, B, C, D, E…when I look at the voting if I can see that A and B are comfortably in the top 4, I’d be more inclined to cast my vote for C.

Alternatively, if A is very low and basically unable to catch up, even though they are my favorite person, I’d be more inclined to vote for someone else.

Also, due to these factors, from a game theoretical perspective, it makes sense to wait until just before the deadline so one can cast their vote in the most optimal way.

A preferred method to do this in the future, is to make 10 separate polls.

Person A - Yes / No
Person B - Yes / No

Then at the end, the 4 people with the most Yes votes are the ones selected.

I realize that 10 polls is more clutter and requires more time from the voters, but it is a far superior method for a more fair democratic process.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


You bring up a good point and possible solution. I was disappointed to realize that I only had 1 vote.


I agree that the voting process is a bit weird, but it is what it is.

Maybe a better solution to all of this is to enact a period of time for each member.

DeFi moves fast. Let’s vote again in 1-2 months for a new crew. People who make some good positive waves will keep getting voted in and people who don’t will eventually get voted out.

This isn’t like we’re voting in Trump here… this is just a crew of people who like Badger and will work to help support it. Honestly, it is a bit of a popularity contest so it really isn’t worth getting that worked up over it… the DAO (and leadership at Badger Headquarters… ie: Spada) is what really controls things at the end of the day.

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The problem I see with it is this;

I nominated 4 people and a large part of why I picked them was due to their differences. I picked a set of people that I believed would make a diverse group.
The current setup doesn’t allow for that.

Perhaps it wouldn’t change the way people vote, but I think we should be signalling for a group, not an individual.

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That’s very hard to do. With 10 people, that is 210 possible combinations of 4 people.

An alternative method, is here are the 10 nominees. Vote who you think should get the first seat.

Now only the person with the most votes, gets that seat.

Then a new poll goes up. Here are 9 nominess, vote who you think should get the 2nd seat. Person with the most votes gets it.

and so on

@DeFiFrog where is the love?

The process was just recently changed. You now vote on each person separately.

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Yup no credit for ol’ bajja though

FYI, this got updated…