No Digg for Non-Digg Pools

The only pools that should be receiving Digg are Digg Vault, uni wbtc/digg, sushi wbtc/digg.

The fact that all the other pools receive Digg just results in dumping.

Sushi wbtc/eth → 6.33% digg
Sushi wbtc/badger → 46.40% digg
badger → 6.23% digg
crvrenwbtc → 5.13% digg
crvrenwsbt → 7.47% digg
tbtc → 8.12% digg
crvrenwbtc → 7.63% digg

None of those 7 pools care at all for Digg and simply dump it. So long as it is under 1:1 peg with BTC none of those pools should receive Digg rewards.


Interesting take, are you seeing this movement on etherscan or just speculation at this point? I believe the point of distribution is to incentivize usage as the DIGG only pool is autocompounds. I can see where you are coming from but would require more concrete analysis.

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lol you have a point yes i think this should be analized no digg emissions for those but then roi will fall but whatever i dont care but as vipes say needs to have full analysis lol i also believe more digg should be for uni sushi digg lps that have il lol

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I don’t think analysis needs to be done. DIGG holders should be rewarded, non-digg holders shouldn’t receive digg rewards. It’s really that simple and logically makes sense.

I agree that some of this emissions need to be reviewed, but I don’t think they should be taken lightly. Things should always be analyzed.

Remember that we currently have a dynamic emissions model (BIP 21 and BIP 22) that considers both Badger and Digg emissions for this products, and there is also BIP 24 in which your Digg holdings will take a role on the Badger Boost.

There are a lot of moving parts which need to be considered. Even when something could seem “simple and logically makes sense”, it might not be that simple and it might even backfire.

I am always for good analysis and for informed decisions based on data, on a model, and not because it could make sense. This is why ask questions in the BIPs and sometimes voice my concerns and opinion (even if I get ignored).

My suggestion would be: consider all the economics and make a proposal.


lol just do a bip people here vote yes for everything without analysis hahahaha you might get lucky i will be against but prob you wont care because it may pass anyway lol

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This is true but even if it passes the vote team won’t implement it if they don’t like it.

Not a DIGG holder, but I very much care about this project and it’s success. I do not “dump” my DIGG. I’m HODL’ing it, so I can add it to my DIGG/WBTC LP position. No need to be greedy. If the distribution supports the ecosystem it should be left as is. JMHO

this means you are a digg holder and contributing to digg.

the people that are contributing to digg:

  • Digg Vault
  • Sushi wbtc/digg
  • Uni wbtc/digg

the people that aren’t contributing to digg yet still receiving digg rewards:

  • everyone else
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Right so that’s how its split, yes agreed in full with some that only Digg holders should get the Digg, i have a more Sushi WBTC/DIGG and it looks like i don’t receive anything for that. And what happens to staked Digg, that’s my next main deposit??? So i should really sell all the Sushi WBTC/DIGG and just hold WBTC/Badger then is that what we’re saying here, i have had since opening? Wasn’t in early so no airdrops but got in at that time to support as i believe its a great project.

Absolutely agree with you, this is the only way it should have been working, i only just started to get the idea of what i have been in since opening up the setts. I have the first 2 not the Uni so seems we are missing on the rewards a bit.