New deposit in Sett Vault

hi there i am new to badger and I have deposited some badger straight from my ledger and its showing as a balance but when i attempt to deposit and stake in Digg its not recognising there is any money into my account.Can somewbody help? do I need to provide liquidity?

lol hi usually go to discord for support, here you will not find it lol badger and digg are different tokens and handled different although one day they will be handled the same lol

badger currently needs to be deposited and then staked in the badger app but digg only needs to be deposited not staked lol

lol in the future badger will be the same and staking will not be requiring, just deposit they should have done it already but team is doing a lot of things at the same time lol

Thank you for your reply.

I have an amount showing when I click on sett vaults in ‘Your Portfolio’

When I click on Badger a deposit screen comes up but when I click on 25% or any of the percentages it just clicks like it doesn’t recognise that I have an amount in the vault.
Please advise.

You may have to refresh your browser. If that doesn’t work then please ask in support channel in discord. They are much more knowledgeable on such matters.