My Non-profit Org - an idea about how I might move it along


I got involved with Bitcoin some years ago as an experiment in buying stuff online but then I became more interested in fund-raising Crypto as a way of paying for R&D for my BioMedical Research Non-Profit:

I have been retired for a few years now and unlike when I was employed I can only volunteer my time now for the NAF since the pension (Australia) is barely enough to live on.

Anyway, I think Badger is really interesting and it occurs to me that if I could become useful to the Badger ecosystem, I could make a little cash there that would not only top up the pension but also indirectly help with the NAF work. Also, it occurs to me that just being more intimately involved with DeFi itself might alert me to more possibilities for generating donations to the NAF (tax-deductible in Australia) and other investment options for people that could help me build a $10m research facility in my “Life Extension Village”:

in Central West NSW.

My background is BioMedical Research and then working for 35 years in IT - I starting off with Fortran IV but spent most of my time in C / *NIX.

What do people think? Is there some usefulness / experience I could get up to speed with fairly quickly in Badger that would be worth me getting paid for?

Any constructive feedback and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!